Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Talent of the Month: An Interview with Kim McKay (AFTRA, Voice Over Artist, Print Model and Actress)

"I have already landed a national radio AFTRA voiceover for McDonalds!"

Kim's performing (and voiceover) career started long before she began her training with Such A Voice. "I've been an AFTRA (union) performer for years. I had voiced two jobs long before I had even thought of pursuing the voiceover industry full throttle." Kim had kept busy doing soap operas and primetime cop shows, so she didn't have too much time to consider pursuing another avenue of performing, despite many people telling her that she should venture into voiceovers more seriously. Kim enjoyed her past experience in the voiceover industry so much that she decided to pursue it further by getting the proper training.

Kim had the pleasure of attending an introductory class on the voiceover industry held by Such A Voice President, Dan Levine. From there, she researched her options and concluded that coaching with Such A Voice would give her everything that she needed to seriously launch her voiceover career. "The Such A Voice training included many valuable training sessions. I really enjoyed the bi-weekly live training series, which included subjects such as 'How To Market Yourself', 'How To Self-Direct', 'What Not To Do Before An Audition' and many more topics."

Being that Kim is already an AFTRA (union) performer, she mainly wanted to pursue training for voiceovers to add another dynamic to her resume. Kim found that her acting background helped with her voiceover career quite a bit. "When you audition for roles, you have to be focused, trust your instincts and become that role. Fortunately I have the ability to take direction very well and really listen to my producers/directors when making changes. All of this experience I had previously gained from acting was easily transferred to the voiceover industry." Kim also uses her acting background when going after a new job. "I used to worry too much about 'getting the part'. Now I handle this by going to each audition by just repeating to myself 'I am this character, in this moment, in this time'. It really calms my nerves and helps me to deliver the best audition that I can!"

Since Kim's training concluded, she has sent out approximately 225 emails of the demo that Such A Voice put together for her. Kim has been picked up by two agencies that have sent her on countless auditions. The first job that she landed after her core training had concluded with Such A Voice, was a national radio AFTRA VO for McDonald's. "I gave them everything that they asked for in the original audition and it was that simple!" Kim also takes the time to remind me that due to her being in the union (and being marketed by an agent) that "sometimes it takes a little longer" to book jobs.

Kim is certainly no stranger to persistence, so I don't even bat an eyelash when she gives me her advice for people interested in the voiceover industry. "Keep on persisting. Keep up with the bi-weekly live training sessions. I kept a notebook on everything that I learned from Such A Voice and I'd highly recommend that every student do the same. This way you can refer back to it often whenever you have questions, concerns or start to doubt yourself."

Congratulations, Kim. We can't wait to see what you accomplish next!

Written by:
Bethany Baker
Such A Voice Marketing Director

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