Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Our Staff: Charlie Nardozzi

Once a month, Such A Voice will be highlighting a member of our staff to give you a little insight into who they & what they do here at Such A Voice to help you get to know the people behind-the-scenes!
Meet Charlie Nardozzi. Charlie was raised in Connecticut, but moved to the gorgeous Green Mountain State of Vermont in 1977 to attend school. "Vermont is such a beautiful state and I love the fact that they have such great community and cultural values. Other than the three year period when I was in the Peace Corps, I've never left".
Charlie is one of the people that goes into local communities to teach people the basic information about the voiceover industry that are interested in possibly having a career in voiceovers. He also gets the opportunity to evaluate their talent and give his advice on whether or not they are ready to pursue voiceovers as a career. His favorite part about teaching these classes is seeing the enthusiasm people have to learn more about the voiceover industry. "I get very excited about voiceovers since it's such a fun industry to be a part of and I think it rubs off on my students. It's easy to be so passionate when you love what you do!"
He is very well known in the Vermont voiceover scene. He has worked with companies such as the National Gardening Association, Gardener's Supply Company, Vermont Public Radio and other various local radio stations. He loves that his schedule can be flexible with voiceovers. "I have the freedom to do voiceovers when I want, where I want. You can't say that about many jobs out there!"
We were excited to sit down with Charlie!
What are a few of your passions? I'm lucky that I live in such a wonderful state that compliments my choice of hobbies so well. I enjoy yoga, meditation and anything outdoors (gardening, biking, swimming, hiking). I really enjoy biking around Middlebury, which is a wonderful small town with a great downtown area. Three of my favorite local hiking spots are Snake Mountain, Mt. Abraham and the Adirondack High Peaks. I love the peace and quiet of being outdoors in the sun and weather.
Where is your favorite vacation spot? I've visited California many, many times and I will never get sick of their gorgeous weather and the assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables available year round. I love the Big Sur area. Hiking along the coastal range and walking the beach are both very peaceful activities. Also, my stepson lives in San Francisco and it's fun visiting him there.
What is one food you absolutely love? I'm a vegetarian and I'd have to say that Indian food is by far my favorite cuisine. I love to make my own Indian food at home. My favorite recipes include Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes), various Dals and Mataar Paneer (vegetables and Indian cheese).
What/Who is on your playlist right now? Grace Potter and Sara Bareilles are two of my favorite artists right now. My wife and I both fell in love with Sara's down-to-earth personality while watching the first season of "The Sing-Off".
Do you have any advice for aspiring voiceover artists? Start slow, take your time, make sure you practice and never give up!
Written by: Bethany Baker Such A Voice Marketing Director

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