Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Our Staff: Michelle Falzon

Once a month, Such A Voice will be highlighting a member of our staff to give you a little insight into who they are & what they do here at Such A Voice to help you get to know the people behind-the-scenes!

Meet Michelle Falzon. Michelle was born & raised in Michigan. She lived in Manhattan for a little while but loves the peacefulness of her home in Michigan. "Although I REALLY miss New York, it's so peaceful over here. I live in a wooded area and there are a lot of deer and other wildlife. Sometimes my backyard looks like a National Geographic episode. You really can't beat such naturally beautiful surroundings". Michelle is one of the people in charge of coaching and mentoring our students to develop/refine their talent and to prepare them to record their demos. She also works as a mentor to our students after they have recorded their demos to help them continue with their voiceover careers.

Michelle has a strong passion for the voiceover industry. "I love the creativity behind it. The best thing is when you see the finished product and how all elements of the final production work together. Being able to do it all from home is just the icing on the cake". You can hear her earnest desire to see our students succeed when she begins talking about her coaching with Such A Voice. "Taking students from being a hopeful novice to booking their first, second and third gig is amazing! I love helping students book work. It's also great when you get to watch a student come into their comfort zone. Seeing them bring life to the script after they've been struggling is a wonderful feeling!"

Michelle is most known in her voiceover career as being the voice of the Shake Weight for Women. Just in the past month she has completed an IVR for Frito-Lay, Numerex, a commercial for Connecticut Orthopedic and an anti-bullying PSA.

We were excited to learn more about Michelle!

What are a few of your passions? I thank God that I can say that my work is also my hobby. I truly mean that. I LOVE what I do. When I'm bored, I start creating a new demo for fun. I really enjoy time with my God-daughter, Taylor. I also love nature and wildlife and am a National Geographic fanatic. I have recently turned into a workout junkie. When you work from home, it is easy to get lazy and not get enough exercise. So, I joined a gym and have found that I really like a good workout!

Where is your favorite vacation spot? The island of Malta. Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean, very close to Sicily. It's where my dad was born and I still have strong family ties there. It is absolutely beautiful! And yes, I am 50% Maltese!

What are two foods you absolutely love? Chobani yogurt and ANYTHING Italian.

What/Who is on your playlist right now? One Republic, Flyleaf, Three Days Grace…I love alternative rock.

Do you have any advice for aspiring voiceover artists? Remember that rejection in this very competitive industry is normal, especially in the beginning. If your skin is too thin, you will have a tough time accomplishing anything. Instead of dwelling on rejection, take that time and work at fixing the things that are holding you back. Spend time listening to the demos of people who are doing well. Work on your editing skills and focus on connecting with your client's message. You have to be willing to put in the effort and make a choice to improve rather than quit. Give 100% of yourself to your dream!

Written by:  Bethany Baker      Such A Voice Marketing Director

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marketing Tip of the Month: Make Time For Face Time!

As voiceover artists, we have the privilege of being able to work from home. I'm sure that many of you, much like myself, are reminded of this privilege by all of your friends that have to commute into an office every day! The voiceover industry has created quite a network online that allows us to connect and form relationships with both clients and other voiceover artists all over the country and world. One of the basic elements of marketing is a facet that so many voiceover artists forgo, simply due to the fact that most of our existence in the industry is within the confines of our home studios! What marketing tactic am I referring to? In person networking! 

There are many ways you can go about networking in person. I've listed a few below, but you'll know what works best for you based on your time, region and community. Another way to practice networking in person is to go to individual businesses and introduce yourself as a voiceover artist, however, this article will be focusing more on a group dynamic of face-to-face marketing.

1) Chamber Mixers/Chamber Events

If you have registered your small business with your local Chamber of Commerce, you should be on their mailing list to receive updates on events that they're holding in your local community. These events are a great place to meet local business owners and let them know about what you offer. Make sure you bring plenty of business cards and even a few demos to hand out if requested!

2) Tweetups/ Other Social Media Events
Social Media Events are events created within social media groups. This might be through Twitter (these are typically reffered to as "Tweetups") or other social media sites you belong to. These events can sometimes be purely for social reasons and sometimes there is an agenda or event planned around the meet-up. This is a great way to attend events that may be hosted by a business you're interested in working with, or it may have a large attendance which would be great for you to network with as well. Pick and choose what work best for you based on your availability and interest level.

3) Voiceover Groups

Most large cities have voiceover groups that offer weekly or monthly gatherings in their area. Networking with other voiceover artists is a great way to build your reputation as a voiceover artist, to find out what clients are already spoken for and to have a connection with people you know you can turn to when you have a question about the industry. Networking with other voiceover artists can also be great to build your client base. For example, if you have local connections in the industry and a client comes to one of those fellow VO artists looking for a voice that matches your niche, you may just get that client passed to you!

Try working in a few events to your marketing plan. The more you attend, the more you'll be at ease networking with new people. Let's face it, clients can connect with a face, conversation and handshake a lot more than they can a phone call or a website! So get out there and MAKE TIME FOR FACE TIME!

Written by:  Bethany Baker      Such A Voice Marketing Director