Sunday, May 1, 2011

Insights from the Mentor Program: Michael Nevarez

"Michelle helped me to better understand how to effectively deliver the script. Knowing what is being sold, to whom and my role in the message made the delivery so much better."--Michael Nevarez, student of the Mentor Program

Michael first heard about our Mentor Program while working with Heather Costa. At the time, Michael was looking for some one-on-one help in a few overall areas. Mainly, he was hoping to improve how he connected with the scripts to help effectively deliver them naturally.

Michael and Michelle not only focused on the delivery of his scripts, but have also touched base on the technical aspects of recording, improving his vocal range, script interpretation and more!

He's already had success brought on by his one-on-one training: "I landed a 30 second TV commercial that is scheduled to run nationally for Hofbrau Beer based in Munich, Germany"

Michael's advice for people that are new to the industry? "Work with a Mentor to receive insight and constructive criticism, be authentic, learn from your competition and the industry consistently. Last of all-HAVE SOME FUN! If voice over work is what you like, then this is living a dream come true!"

You can check out Michael's website and demos at:

Written by:
Bethany Baker
Such A Voice Marketing Director