Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Talent of the Month: An Interview with Kathy Poelker

"I have had the pleasure of working with several people from Such A Voice and have found everyone to be very nice and interested in helping me develop this facet of my business."

When Kathy attended an intro-class in the Fall of 2010 with Lisa Foster, it wasn't on a whim. "I've had an interest in voiceovers for about 20 years". Kathy already had quite a successful career that included keynote presentations and consulting to teachers. She also has her company "Look At Me Productions" where she writes, records and publishes children's music. Look At Me Productions has published approximately 60 products for early childhood programs that involve children from birth through age 7. These publications help developing children and children with special needs. "Two of my products are Children's Musical Big Books, which are sing-along/read-along products. I did the voiceovers for both series of books (11 different titles) in both English and Spanish versions. This was the beginning of my voice over interest and a natural extension of my recording work & studio experience".

The intro class was also a great bonding experience with her son, David Lecinski, since they attended together. "The class was fun, lively and exciting. Lisa made the class non-threatening for anyone who had never been on the mic before. She did a great job of giving us plenty of valuable information about the industry and let us know what to expect as working voiceover artists". After attending the intro-class, they both realized they had what it takes to make it in the voiceover industry. They both signed up for coaching with Lisa Foster.

Once Kathy completed her training with Lisa, she picked up additional training with Anne Ganguzza. "I have had the pleasure of working with several people from Such A Voice and have found everyone to be very nice and interested in helping me develop this facet of my business. Dan Levine, CEO, is a wonderful human being and he's been very supportive. I have not only coached with Lisa Foster, but also with Anne Ganguzza, who is delightful and determined as a vocal coach. She made every coaching session interesting and challenging. She really goes the extra mile for her students. Her sessions were very well done and she was prepared for all of them, every week. As an educator, I wanted a 'good coach' and I can say that Anne is absolutely that person."

Kathy's passion for learning definitely helps her out in the voiceover industry. "I would definitely say that my biggest strength is that I love to continually learn new things. A career in VO provides that opportunity. Every day is a day of learning for me. What I love about the VO industry is the challenge it provides. Each project is different; people you work with are different; learning new VO techniques each day is exciting, expanding, and demanding. My weakness is that I want to try it all! All genres are interesting to me, but there aren't enough hours in a day to try them all."

Kathy is happy to report that she has booked numerous jobs! "My first job was a multi-faceted VO job that included a 1 1/2 minute overhead store announcement which I wrote and added a music bed for a chain of five stores in our area. That same music is also being used as their on-hold music for their phone system and on their corporate website. I have repeat business from them in doing their drive-thru ramp recording for all of their stores as their customer greeting! The pay for this bundle of recordings was GREAT! It was a very nice opportunity for me as a first job! It all went well. No surprises."

Once that job was finished, the jobs started coming in very quickly. "A few of the projects include: two TV commercials, a 1.5 minute TV medical program narration/introduction, a 9/11 Memorial Tribute for a video production for a mega-church in our area, robocall advertisements for a publishing company, robocall advertising for a teacher training organization, an online psychology course narration for a university and an online character animation for an education company. Every project is different and unique and a challenge of my vocal abilities!" On top of all of that, Kathy has also been contacted by an audiobook producer for a future audiobook narration!

"One of the most wonderful things I can share in this interview is that each of the jobs I have had have asked me to continue working for them on future projects! All are new clients for me and repeat business is what matters in this industry. When people can count on you - on the way you run your business, your character and your voiceover talent - you're a "go to" person for future work. That adds up to great financial rewards in the long run. You need to be a good listener and give your client what they want!"

Kathy offers a few great tidbits of advice for aspiring voiceover artists. "Remember that 'Rome wasn't built in a day'. Listen to other VO talent, study and read about the industry. Practice, practice, practice and then practice more. Learn from successful industry professionals and don't give up when you think 'it will never happen'. BELIEVE in yourself, and go for it! Be a networker. You can do it! You're in for a great ride!"

We're so proud to have helped you on your journey, Kathy. Congratulations on your success!

Written by:
Bethany Baker
Such A Voice Marketing Director

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