Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Talent of the Month: An Interview with Greg Allen

"I was really nervous when recording my first job, but I was pleasantly surprised when the client accepted it and enthusiastically stated that they liked my voice so much that they'd be contacting me for future projects!"

Greg Allen's love for voiceovers developed very naturally as an offshoot of his love of the radio and broadcasting industry. It all began when was asked to lend his hand at some copywriting. He did such a great job that it led to writing original scripts of his own which, in turn, helped him look further at the process of voicing a spot from start to finish. Like so many voiceover artists, he was immediately hooked!

There was quite a bit of raw talent working in Greg's favor right from the beginning. He has the experience of a radio broadcaster under his belt, along with a naturally wonderful tone to his voice. He also has the ability to express genuine emotion with each and every script, which allows him to really connect with the listener. When it came to his areas in need of improvement, he knew that he would need some help learning the intricacies of the technical side of editing (so he could easily and efficiently be sending jobs out quickly). He also realized that he had the tendency to slip into his "announcer" voice at times (which doesn't work well when voicing a natural sounding script). That's where Such A Voice came in!

Greg credits Such A Voice with really teaching him the importance about being true to himself and his voice as he interprets each script. When it comes to his personal coach, Greg has nothing but wonderful things to say! "Michelle Falzon has been helping me deliver a more natural read instead of sounding like an announcer. She's also helped me to learn A LOT about the editing process. Because of her, I sound much more relaxed and natural as I deliver my reads now. Thanks Michelle!"

Anyone that speaks with Greg can definitely attest to his determination. This is a man that really seems as if he could conquer anything he puts his mind to, he's always up for a challenge. In fact, the one thing he enjoys most about the voiceover industry is the challenge! "I really enjoy matching my read with the director's idea or image of how the spot should be". His inspiring perseverance also comes through in his advice for aspiring voiceover artists: "Stick with it! Don't throw the towel in too soon. Seriously, when I felt that I just wasn't cut out for being in the voiceover industry my first job opened up! So stick with it and put your heart into it because your listener's on the other side of the mic, not just the consumer, but producers and directors can tell that your heart is in it."

Since receiving his demo, Greg has already booked four jobs! His first job was for a software company, which he auditioned for and was pleasantly surprised to find out he had been chosen. "The contact gave me clear, detailed directions for the read and gave me a definite deadline. I was really nervous and felt that I would mess up my first job but I just tried to focus on relaxing and working through it. I was so excited when they accepted it, they even enthusiastically stated that they liked my voice and will be contacting me in the near future for more projects."

We are very excited to see where voiceovers take you next, Greg!

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