Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Talent of the Month: An Interview with Phil Williams

"There are no limits on what you can achieve. Sure, it's a competitive industry, but what isn't these days? Every day you wake up to a new set of challenges, different content, different characters. What regular job gives you that kind of challenge?"

Phil has always been complimented on his voice and many people over the years have suggested he should go into the radio business, however, Phil always considered himself to be a "technical geek" and not so much a "performer". Therefore, voice overs just weren't on his list of goals or even on his radar.

With his wife's gentle nudging, he attended an intro class close to home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They specifically returned from vacation a bit early so he could attend this class and learn more about the industry in which people had been telling him he should get into for so long. "After the session I was really excited about the possibility of VO. I was offered a spot in the Such A Voice program and my wonderful wife encouraged me to move forward, so I signed up! I realized that this was a business I could definitely get into. I had a product that I had control over, and could take it to whatever level I wanted."

Phil worked with Anne Ganguzza, and really focused on the tips that were suggested by the staff at Such A Voice. "Everyone at Such A Voice was extremely supportive and helpful. I had begun purchasing equipment that was on the recommended list from Such A Voice shortly after I signed up, so I had been able to complete a few practice recordings before recording in the studio to cut my demo."

Anne definitely helped Phil out the most when it came to recording his demo. "I had anxiously anticipated the studio recording portion of the class, but Anne made the process very enjoyable! When you're standing there by yourself in the soundproof booth doing something you've never done before, you can tend to get a bit nervous. It was great to have Anne there who could relate to what I was going through and help to eliminate my fears. My time in the studio went by far faster than I had imagined. Time really does fly when you're having fun!"

Phil has a wonderful, very deep, rich sounding voice. He also has a good ear, giving him the ability to hear and mimic voices & accents. In addition to using his natural voice, he has submitted numerous "British" accent pieces and received interest from several companies. He signed up for and soon after he received his demos, and after submitting a few auditions he landed his first job for a corporate video with a company based in California. "The job took about 30 minutes total, and I was paid $330. Probably the happiest kind of money I've ever made. My wife and I celebrated with a great dinner."

Phil is still working on honing in his talent. "I'm still challenged by reading very long passages without stumbling, and I'm still trying to develop my ability to deliver a natural conversational sound. I practice reading every day, and my progress is really showing. Hopefully soon, it'll become second nature."

Being that Phil has started a few businesses in his past, he found that the rules still applied to his VO business. Pay attention to your coach, absorb every marketing tip you receive, work diligently on your marketing, be patient, network (both online and in-person), and always remember "Every contact you make is a potential new client, so treat them with care!"

Congratulations Phil, we look forward to hearing more from you!

Written by:
Bethany Baker
Such A Voice Marketing Director

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