Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marketing Tip of the Month -- Maintain a Unified Presence Online

You've taken your voiceover classes, you've recorded and received your demo, you've been auditioning and networking on a regular basis. Now it's time to branch out. For everyone, there comes a point in their voiceover career when they realize it is time to set up an online presence. For some people it's early on, for others it's a little ways down the road, but the time always comes! An online presence could include things such as: a website, having a Facebook page, a Twitter and/or a YouTube account, a blog, etc.

One thing that makes a big difference when setting up the various sites online is to maintain a unified presence across all of your sites. This will help your clients, peers & potential clients easily recognize which profile is yours. In turn, this will help them easily have access to your information, no matter which of your sites they are on at the time. Below we discuss a few of the ways in which you can unify your presence online.

-Make sure your sites all contain the same information.

You want to make sure you have the following information on all of your sites: your logo and/or headshot, your company name, location, a brief summary about your voice qualities and your contact information. This way, potential clients can find this information quickly to learn more about you and your voice. The easier you make this information to find, the more likely a client is to immediately know if you fit what they're looking for, and hire you for the job!

-Maintain the same overall design.

Try to match the basic design of your sites as much as possible. Search for a blog layout that's similar to your website. The same goes for Twitter and Facebook (which now uses FBML for their business pages, so they are customizable). If you cannot match the background or layout to each of the sites, at least try to maintain a unified color palette.

-Always use the same profile image.

This would be the image that appears on the homepage of your website & blog, as well as the image that would appear as your profile picture for all social media sites you are using for your business. This could be your logo or your headshot. I would not recommend that you use an image you may want to change frequently, as this will be the face of your business and you want it to be recognizable for a long period of time.

-Try to make your username similar to your website.

If your website is then I would recommend that you make your Facebook business page and your Twitter account Likewise, your blog should be http://yourblogserver/ This helps organize and streamline all of your sites into one memorable name.

If you follow these small steps, it will make it easier for clients and potential clients to recognize you on all of the sites you are using. Also, when you organize links to your sites for various reasons (on your website or email signature, for instance), they will look very clear, concise, organized and well thought out.

Written by:
Bethany Baker
Such A Voice Marketing Director

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