Saturday, April 30, 2011

Technique Tip of the Month: Wear Your Headphones When You Record!

You may wonder why on earth you need to wear headphones when recording in your own home studio. I mean, you’re right there, right? You don’t have to listen to a director’s instructions from another room, right? It’s just you, by yourself, so why on earth should you use headphones???

Let me ask you this – how many of you, when you first heard yourself recorded and played back, said these words: “Hey! That doesn’t sound like ME!” I see a lot of you raising your hand. Yeah. You didn’t think you sounded like YOU at all! Here’s what’s weird – you are the ONLY one who thinks that.

Because while YOU are saying, “Hey! That doesn’t sound like ME!”, WE are all listening to your recording and saying, “Um, yeah it does. It sounds EXACTLY like you!”

The problem is, you have been listening to your voice from INSIDE your head – and you are the ONLY one who hears it like this. Get on board with what the rest of us are hearing and ALWAYS use your headphones to record with. Your voice is your PRODUCT. You must have an intimate knowledge of your PRODUCT, and unless you are listening to your voice like the rest of us hear it, you will never know what you actually sound like. Remember, you have to have a good EAR to do great voice overs – headphones will give you that EAR! Use them!

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  1. Wouldn't hit record without them... Since I have my recording console outside my booth, I use one pair dedicated at the console and another pair dedicated to the booth. Both are exactly the same kind, so there is continuity when recording and editing. Also keeps the hassel (and my screw ups) of connecting/reconnecting out of the picture.

    C B Bonham