Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marketing Tip of the Month: Don’t Limit the Manner Potential Clients Can Contact YOU

"A good rule of thumb for every piece of correspondence that leaves your studio or office: Include your FULL name, your TITLE, your PHONE number and your EMAIL address." -Lisa Foster, Voice Over Actor, Producer & Coach

Some people are “phone” people. Some people are “email” people. When corresponding with your marketing or networking contacts, keep this in mind and always provide BOTH a phone number AND an email address.

“Yeah, I meant to call you, but didn’t have your number handy”. This is NOT something you want to hear from a potential client! By including your phone number in your signature line in your email, it guarantees they will always have it HANDY. Even if you have corresponded with this person dozens of times, and you figure they must have your number if they need to call you, make it EASY for them to contact you.

It can be frustrating when I need to call someone, right after I’ve read an email they sent, and their number isn’t right there on the email! Argghh! Then, I have to rifle through endless business cards, paperwork, contracts, or address books to FIND their number. I can tell you that sometimes, I don’t bother.

So, make it simple for people to contact you. Some people hate using the phone – if you call them and leave a message, consider not only leaving your phone number, but also your email address. Some people hate using email – so, any email correspondence from you should include your phone number.

Make it super simple for people to get a hold of you, no matter what they’re communication preference is!

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