Monday, October 4, 2010

Technique Tip of the Month: Get Your Hands Out of Your Pockets!

"You can't voice act with your hands in your pockets!" -- Scott Pollak, Voice Over Actor & Coach

Think back to when you just started voice over classes. When you stepped up to the mic, what did you do with your body? Did you look like this guy [
see picture on left]?

Many students who are practicing to become professional voice actors have subconscious mannerisms that actually inhibit their ability to perform. One bad behavior pattern to break early on is putting your hands in your pockets.

When you put your hands in your pockets, it is nearly impossible to get into character. "If you look happy, you sound happy. If you look like your hands are in your pockets, you sound like your hands are in your pockets," says Brendan Coyle, Post Engineer.

Not putting your hands in your pockets is part of a greater lesson to learn to relax when you step behind the mic. As soon as you get your home recording studio put together, make sure to spend all of your practice time in it. The more you practice in front of the mic, the more comfortable you will become.

When you feel comfortable behind the mic, you will look and sound comfortable. Your body gestures will sync up with the character and the voice over job, and you will sound like the professional voice actor you want to be!

Remember: the only time your hands should go in your pockets is when the script calls for it! [See this picture to the left!]


  1. Yeah, just try not to hit the mic in your enthusiasm!

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