Thursday, October 7, 2010

Talent of the Month: Jim Anglo

"Funny, I think every VO artist can relate to hearing this: 'You should be one of those voice over guys -- you have that soothing radio voice that's easy to listen to ...'" -- Jim Anglo, Professional Voice Actor, on why he got into voice overs

Jim Anglo decided to go into voice acting when he was perusing the classified ads back in August 2009 for something more interesting to do. Like many, he had recently lost his job. This time around, he knew he wanted to jump start career path he was passionate about!

"I knew instantly what I wanted to do and that I really had to commit myself to the VO field," Jim says. "What I liked about Such A Voice was that it was a structured program that brought everything together (marketing, home studio recording & demo production)."

A denizen of Minnesota, Jim joined our voice over classes in Burlington, Vermont, for the Master Program in November, 2009. He liked meeting people from all over, and he noted how interesting it was that so many people from different backgrounds could come together to be part of the VO industry. "Oh yeah," he adds. "Burlington was pretty cool, too. I worked with Brian Thon and Brendan Coyle -- incredible guys!"

One of the things that Jim loves most about working as a Professional Voice Actor is reading and breaking down scripts, a process that took him a while to appreciate. But he's definitely good at it! Jim describes his voice as a "warm business commercial/narration type," and since graduating from the Such A Voice Master Program, his clients have included 3M, GM (The New Chevy Volt Electric Car), PeopleNet, Polycom Communications, and Veolia Environmental Services.

Of one of his more recent voice over jobs, Jim says, "The Chevy Volt spot was a great launching pad and confidence boost for me, something that I was awarded through a P2P site. If you can land one job on a site like, it just gets easier!"

Jim's marketing advice for people just getting started in the industry: "Give yourself web presence and add yourself on all P2P sites (which is free). If you can afford a premium membership, great, because it exposes you to many different types of reads. In the beginning you will feel like going after everything, but only audition for the ones that are the right fit for you!"

Congratulations, Jim! Cheers to your success!

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  1. Great tips, I finally decided to try something new with the encouragement of people around me, and now the voiceover recording, I have that option.