Thursday, September 2, 2010

Talent of the Month: Shobha Srinivasan

"I've been able to successfully market myself as a 'global' voice using an accent that is neither American or British." -- Shobha Srinivasan, Talent of the Month

Shobha first found out about Such A Voice by attending one of our introductory classes with Heather Costa out in California. Afterward, she signed up for more training and recorded her demos with Such A Voice a few months later.

Her proclivity for voice acting is hardly a surprise. To say she participated in radio and theater in India is an understatement -- Shobha was actually the first English language anchor on Calcutta TV before she got a scholarship to come study in the United States. Although she didn't pursue voice over jobs then, she continued to act in college, and immediately put her voice to work for in-house videos at the non-profit where she worked as Director of Development.

Shobha has successfully landed voice over work around the world for a range of humanitarian projects because her voice is distinctly elegant without belying a specific nationality. She has provided the voice over for a UNICEF sponsored project for Kerala Tourism in India, as well as other social documentaries for award winning directors, online recipe books, health manuals and a documentary on yoga.

Already enjoying a successful career as a voice actor, Shobha is looking forward to recording a children's poetry book -- and all of them are her original poems!

Shobha's advice for new voice talent? She says, "Be persistent and respond regularly when you see gigs that might be right for your voice!"

Congratulations, Shobha, and we look forward to hearing more of you!

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