Friday, September 10, 2010

Insights from the Mentor Program: Tennyson Williams

"I have landed more voice over jobs since I began my mentoring with Heather, and I am fully confident that I am on track to continue landing more!" -- Tennyson Williams, student of the Mentor Program

Tennyson Williams first heard about the Mentor Program from our Scheduling Director, Bethany Craig. At the time, Tennyson was interested in getting one-on-one quality time with a professional voice actor who could examine his approach to launching his professional voice over career.

Other than voiceover technique, Heather and Tennyson examined his website, demos, business cards and general forms of branding. With feedback, Tennyson was able to get a better handle on how to employ direct marketing strategies, including who to call and what to say.

Tennyson says:

"Heather is a very dynamic voiceover professional! She has a very positive attitude and provides me with superb encouragement. She began by asking a series of tough questions about my expectations, personal resources, goals and objectives. Her questions caused me to sit down alone and perform important introspection and gut checks. After answering her questions, Heather offered tablespoonfulls of reality about the industry -- like, how much money can be made in what period of time -- very important. I've successfully incorporated many of Heather's suggestions into my branding and audition techniques."

Furthermore, Tennyson said he would recommend the Mentor Program to other new voice actors because:

"It's a great big competitive world out there in the voiceover biz. This is both a positive and negative. Positive because the opportunities are virtually endless (commercials, narrations, voicemail, e-learning, etc). Negative because one can become lost and disillusioned in the vastness without some navigational support from an industry expert like those working at SAV. Anyone aspiring to reach peak performance should seek the help and support of others who have traveled the roads and know the terrain.

"If coaching and mentoring is good for professional athletes, performers, even company CEOs, then it follows that coaching and mentoring can be good for those in voice over work as well."

Thanks, Tennyson!

You can check out Tennyson's website and demos at:

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