Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Talent of the Month: Jesus Ivan Blanco (JB)

This month's Talent of the Month recipient goes to JB for his success in carving out his niche(s) in both English and Spanish voice-overs!

Jesus Ivan Blanco, or JB for short, stumbled into voice overs almost by accident! Ever since he was a teenager, JB liked voicing commercials and doing narrations for friends and family.

The first time he realized that he had a shot at a professional voice-over career was when he visited a friend in North Carolina and ended up participating in a show! When people around him started saying, "Wow, listen to that voice. Who is that guy?" JB just smiled to himself and decided he would go for it and get voiceover lessons.

JB came to us for his voice over training because, "I knew that I needed to work with people who know what they're doing. At Such A Voice, I got good hands-on training that helped me become successful in my career."

It wasn't hard for JB to get started either. Having done
radio voice jobs for Venezuela and Costa Rica, as well as commercial spots for companies in Panama and Argentina, his resume already spoke volumes when he started his formal training at Such A Voice. Now, JB does the voiceovers for a show called Real Women Have Curves.

What does JB love about being a voice talent? "I love the flexibility of the job," JB says. "I am my own boss, and I can spend more time with my family this way. -- Plus, this is definitely not a boring profession!"

JB explains, "The market for Spanish voice overs is so big right now. I get regular work from all over Florida [not just Miami], California, and all of Latin America!" He adds, "Sometimes, I'm actually too busy!"

JB is an even more special Talent of the Month because he is joining the Such A Voice team to teach intro classes in English and in SPANISH! Ole! Stay tuned for more information on the new Such A Voice En Espanol classes -- coming this fall!

Check out JB's demos here!


  1. I think JB is a great example of perseverance,passion and doing what you love. I'm really excited about your expansion into the Latino market. It will be HUGE!

  2. Wow Jb

    You have a great voice!!It looks like you have passion for what you love which i guess is voice over. You have a great voice. You will be GRAND someday.

  3. felicitaciones, JB! un dia me encantaria conocerte e intercambiar experiencias de nuestra carrera profesional !!! saludos desde tampa :))

  4. Hola Jesus. Felicitaciones por tus logros y que continuen los exitos siempre al lado de tu linda familia. Que Dios continue bendiciendo tu vida. Un beso.
    Felicidades te envia la Familia Delgado (jaajjaja)

  5. Me sorprende oirte, me alegro de tus exitos, es Evelyn, saludos