Thursday, August 26, 2010

Marketing Tip of the Month: Optimize Your Sick Days!

For voice actors, getting sick is a particular inconvenience. Working freelance has many perks, but paid sick leave sure isn't one of them!

As tempting as it is to work through your flu-like symptoms, complete a big project for that important client, and tell yourself that you can edit out the stuffy nose sound in post -- your efforts are better spent on other areas of your voice over business!

Let's get that first part out of the way. If -- no,
when you get sick, do yourself a favor and simply let your clients know that you are unable to complete the project by the agreed upon deadline. Giving your clients as much notice as possible will let them decide whether to hire someone else for the voice job or extend the deadline. Sure, it's a bummer to pass up a gig, but you should never send your clients less than your best.

Don't despair! Sick days needn't be wasted on your couch when there are so many creative things to do in your studio. Suggestions from our Facebook page:
  • Mix and match existing files.
  • Re-record famous opening narrations for TV shows (i.e., "Space ... the final frontier ... ")
  • Record a newscast for a fictional TV station.
  • Write zany voice overs for real or fake products.
  • Marketing!
It's nearly impossible to stay on top of all the trends in the voice over industry. Use your sick time to catch up on social media posts/tweets/blogs/comments, make sure your website is up-to-date with a list of project you are most proud of, work on your newsletters, check out new products for your studio (even if you can't afford them!), and check out what your fellow voice talent are up to.

Even if your vocal abilities are temporarily impaired, your ability to organize isn't! Clean out old files, tidy your in-box, and balance your work account.

If you're really under the weather, then surrendering to your jammies and daytime TV for a day or two won't hurt you either.

Other recommendations? How do you voice actors make the most of a sick day?

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