Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Talent of the Month: Mike Markham

"I believe God blessed me with the voice to do it and He expects me to follow through."

Congratulations to Mike Markham, our Talent of the Month of July!

Like most other voice-over artists, Mike enjoys the freedom that comes with being a professional voice actor. The lack of a rigid schedule doesn't mean that he's not hard at work -- actually, Mike has hit the ground running as a full-time voice actor since he participated in a Vermont Master Program in September, 2009.

"The best part of my voice over training was learning to break down copy," say Mike. "Although I have a good voice, I needed to be taught the technique of script analysis, which Brian Thon was great at!"

Mike has found that his voice works well for "informational" voice over jobs, and he has already established his niche. Since graduating from the Master Program, Mike has been the Master of Ceremonies for the 2010 World Women's Military Volleyball Championships, voiced a narration project for the United States Marine Corps Hall of Fame, and even worked as a PA announcer for the Triple-A Charlotte Knights Minor League baseball team where he lives in North Carolina.

As Mike sees it, the most important components of his marketing plan are his website and branding. His business cards and stationary were professionally designed by Artist Upgrade, and he knows that a lot of his present success comes from investing in his professional image from the very beginning.

His advice for new voice-over actors?

1. Practice. Even if you're not great now, you WILL get better by working at it.
2. Figure out what you bring to the table as a VO artist and build a brand around that with a great website and other marketing materials that match.

3. Always market yourself with confidence and honesty and do so as if you were a seasoned professional. You're not a new voiceover artist or an up-and-coming voiceover artist ... You're simply a voiceover artist, and you don't need to sell yourself short or apologize for stepping up and taking a seat at the table!

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Congratulations, Mike, and we look forward to hearing more of your successes!

Mike Markham


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