Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marketing Tip of the Month: VO Meet-Ups!

A large aspect of marketing yourself as a voice actor involves networking. Networking not only with potential clients, but also with fellow voice actors. Forming and maintaining relationships with other voice-over artists is important for both your career and for your sanity!

One of the few drawbacks of doing voice over full time is that you get used to spending time alone. Lots and lots of time in a small, padded cell -- er, room.

Meeting with other voice actors will give you the opportunity to learn and grow from another person's experiences, ask for advice, and hopefully get honest feedback on your voice-over technique. In the right setting, a casual group could be the most affordable voice over training out there!

One such voice over group is the Orange County VO Peeps Meet-Up, which started out as a small group of classmates from a local voice over workshop. Anne Ganguzza organizes the group that meets bi-monthly, and it's as informal as a potluck with a group of friends with a common interest.

"Our group welcomes all talents, from beginners to advanced professionals in the industry," says Anne Ganguzza. "We strive to educate, motivate, and inspire -- hopefully helping members achieve their career goals and go out and get as many voice over jobs as possible!"

So far, the group of 23 members of varying backgrounds and levels of experience bring a dish to share, and they take turns reading copy and giving each other feedback as if the script were an actual voice over job. They even featured a special guest, Tim Keenan from Creative Media Recording to give them tips on reading corporate narration copy.

The group has set topics to talk about in the up-coming months as well. On the agenda is everything from marketing to finances, editing auditions to bidding, and writing business plans to working with VO agents.

One member, Eila Ulyett says of the group, "As a newcomer to the group and having attended just one event, I have to say how much it helped to encourage and motivate me. As we all work independently and alone in our recording worlds, it's great to have a group of like minded people who understand the problems we face as we build our vo careers. Without doubt Anne's enthusiasm and professionalism is motivational in itself."

While Meet-Up groups can be great for voice-over artists, they aren't a substitute for traditional voice-over training. Meet-Up groups tend to lend wonderful follow-up support and guidance, as the group can certainly become greater than the sum of the parts!

If you are living in Orange County, CA and would like to check out the group, please contact Anne at:

**Special thanks to Anne and all the fabulous VO members who contributed comments and testimonials!**


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  1. T.gracey@mchsi.comAugust 6, 2010 at 9:42 PM

    anyway to connect with others (if any) in central Iowa - Des Moines area?