Monday, July 26, 2010

Insights from the Pro Tools Workshop!

This month we are showcasing our new Pro Tools Workshop that we started a couple of months ago, not knowing it would be so popular! In our efforts to provide our students with the three things they need to succeed in the voice-over industry (voice-over training, marketing skills, and the recording & editing chops), we scheduled Pro Tools Workshops all over the country to give students hours of hands-on learning with one of our best engineers from the Post Production department, Aaron Sullivan.

Faith Cripps, a student from our Boston workshop, says, "I found out about the Pro Tools Workshop in an email, and because it was being held through Such A Voice I knew they would teach me just the information I need to know about recording and editing voice overs -- and not a bunch of other information that I wouldn't care about or use."

Students are encouraged to bring their computers and gear to the Pro Tools Workshops in order to get hands-on experience through the entire weekend. For the first two hours, Aaron leads the whole group through a general tutorial on Pro Tools that covers the basics of recording, editing, mixing and bouncing voice jobs.

"Aaron was extremely knowledgeable and taught the class in language we could understand," Faith says. "He was open to any and all questions and was able to answer them without making me or anyone else feel like it was a stupid question."

After the general session, the class breaks up and Aaron works intensively with small groups of three or four students. Students learn to use Pro Tools effectively on their own equipment, learning by doing the recording and editing, as well as by observing while other voice talent.

"The best part of the whole thing was Aaron made it seem simple!" Faith says. "Prior to taking the workshop, I was so frustrated because I seemed to always run into some kind of problem while trying to learn Pro Tools on my own ... The skills I learned in that class are what make it possible for me to use my home studio. Prior to the class I had the equipment but didn't know how to use it. Now I can use my home studio to produce my own work and get it to the client. Things feel possible for me now and that is exciting!"

We suspect that Faith isn't the only voice-over artist who struggles with the technical component of being a professional voice actor! If you think you could benefit from the Pro Tools Workshops, please click here to find a city near you. Also, stay tuned for more dates and locations in the coming months!

Thanks for the feedback, Faith, and we look forward to hearing your work soon!

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