Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5 Habits of Highly Successful VO Actors

If someone doesn't succeed in the voice-over industry, chances are the person neglected one of the three legs of the stool that a successful voiceover artist relies on:
voice-over training, marketing, technical ability. If one of those three legs is shorter -- or non-existent, the stool will topple, taking the would-be voice talent with it.

There are, however, common habits and attitudes that professional voice talents share. See if this sounds like you --or if it sounds like your voice-over career could benefit from doing these:

Never stop learning. Successful voice-over artists are constantly working on their technique through auditioning for voice over jobs, spending hours practicing, reading a book or blog, or taking a lesson. Embrace new technology, and stay on top of marketing trends.

Never settle for mediocrity. A job is not done until it's perfect, even if it is late and you want to get to bed! Professionals aim for perfection in each recording, editing session, and communication they have with clients. If the client isn't thrilled with your voice-over job, then neither should you be.

Always be fair with pricing. It is fair to expect the industry standard payment from a client for a given project, but don't take advantage of the client either. Be reasonable with late payment fees on the rare occasion that a client doesn't pay for your voice-over work in a timely fashion.

Maintain sincere relationships with clients. The problem with a sales pitch is, well ... it sounds sales pitchy. Regardless of whether you're the client or the employer, everyone wants to do business with someone genuine. Be your professional self from the get-go, and send quarterly voice over newsletters or hand-written notes to stay in touch.

Love what you do! Love it, and have fun with it! If you don't love it from the get-go, you might want to re-think your career path. Never lose your faith in your ability to achieve, as long as you are putting in the hard work.

Does this sound like you? What other habits do you have that contribute to your success?


  1. @vojojo says: "Never turn off the marketing part of my brain. Always be on the lookout for a job. Don't be snotty or hard to work with."

  2. @justinbvocal says: "With a full-time day job, getting up early is the only way to get any #voiceover work accomplished."

  3. @DavidHoustonVO says: "6. Network like mad. 7. Be Philip Banks. 8. I f number 8 fails, abort and regrow hair."