Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Know You're a Voiceover Artist Because...

Today's blog post is intended for comic relief as we wind down this week and gear up for the weekend! Inspired by voiceover work colleagues, co-workers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers... You may or may not know who you are!

1. Your professional wardrobe consists half of what you wake up in and half of what you can find on the floor.

2. You yell at the TV because you've had it up to here with amateurs landing the big gigs.

3. You insist on reading aloud to your kids ... even though they're in college.

4. You're not schizophrenic -- you just can't control your other well-developed personalities.

5. Your friends prefer your play-by-play commentaries over the other guys' on Sports Center.

6. Your idea of "cozy" is a 4 x 4 padded room.

7. You don't recommend books, you recommend
audio books.

8. You switch radio stations when the music comes on.

9. You're not ADD -- you just get distracted from what people are saying by
how they are saying it.

10. Why, yes, that
is a microphone in your pocket!

Can you add to the list? Let's get a longer list going here!


  1. Awesome list! Guilty as charged...
    How about: You're not a space alien--those noises you make at midnight are your warmups and latest VO audition.

  2. You wear a medical mask around your friends when they have even the slightest cold, for fear of catching it and wrecking your voice.

  3. 11. Whenever you travel hotel housekeeping is bemused by your building of "pillow forts" despite having no children with you.

  4. Thanks for a great post! Here's one: Dr. Frankenstein does NOT live in your house. Those eerie sounds and lights are a result of your latest midnight studio/voicing sessions...

  5. You read billboards, recipes & cereal boxes with VO inflections, making sure you're natural with a smile :)

  6. You're not narcissistic -- you just listen to recordings of your voice over and over and over and ...