Monday, May 3, 2010

Talent of the Month: Kim Rowe

Congratulations to Kim Rowe, a Master Program graduate from November, 2009, who has already gotten out-of-state voice-over jobs, as well as an international one! Kim demonstrates a consistent, disciplined work ethic, which pays dividends in the voice-over industry!

Before getting into voice-overs, Kim worked in radio for 30 years, but says the industry, "has now gotten to the point where it is no longer any fun -- there is no room for creativity or individuality." Although she was unhappy with the direction that radio has gone in recent years, she still enjoys doing production and considers herself a "voice". Kim says, "I thought being a voice-over artist was a natural transition for me. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time but didn't know how to get into it until I found Such A Voice."

Such A Voice Coach & Producer Brian Thon worked with her in the Master Program, and Kim says the best part of the program was cutting the demo in the recording studio. She says, "My coach, Brian Thon, was such a good instructor -- very knowledgeable and patient!"

Kim loves the freedom that comes with being a voice-over actor. So far, she has already nailed three national voice-over jobs, and one in Canada. She considers all of her gigs her best success stories, since all of her clients want to work with her again! Although she does voice-over work part-time, her goal is to build up enough clients to make it full-time within the next year. In five years? She says, "Hopefully I'll be making the big bucks!"

Kim works diligently, and her day starts early. She wakes up every day at 6am to check her emails for voice-over job alerts. She pokes around the internet throughout the day for new job postings, as she knows it's the early bird who catches the worm! She does all of her recording and editing from her home recording studio, and even if she doesn't get the job she's satisfied with the practice.

Kim's advice for those new to voice-overs? "Be patient and don't get frustrated if nothing happens right away. Have a mentor, and take the Master Class at Such A Voice!"

Keep up the good work, Kim!


  1. Kim Rowe from Boston CSB and WBMW??? look me up on facebook! tess