Monday, May 3, 2010

Insights from the Guru Sessions

This month I want to highlight a student from one of our other programs, the Guru Sessions. The Guru Sessions is a follow-up, group mentoring program for Master Program graduates that runs every other week for 26 weeks. The group is limited to ten students, and two students are the focus of discussion for each session that meets every other week for 26 weeks.

"The Guru Sessions gave me a complete personal approach to outlining my business plan, acting on my marketing approach, and promoting my own business." -- Michael Nevarez, Guru Sessions student

Michael Nevarez found out about the Guru Sessions from an email from Such A Voice, and decided to join so that he could get some constructive criticism on his voice-over technique. What he got out of the program was so much more! Immediately, Michael was impressed by Heather Costa's ability to deliver information and perspective needed for his group to succeed in the voice-over industry. He says, "Heather has treated each of us with the highest level of respect through her consistent and prompt helpful responses and her ability to really make us reach."

Michael was also pleased that he was well-placed in a group of students who were at the same level. He found that they all had pretty good voice-over training, but that most of them were struggling with the business and marketing sides of their businesses.

At the time that Michael signed up for the Guru Sessions, he was already recording in his home recording studio. During the sessions, he got some final tips on his website (, as well as learned about setting up his DBA license, getting business cards, tracking invoices, handling contact cards, and producing additional demo CDs with nice jackets and sleeves. "Without the Guru Sessions," he says, "I wouldn't have had the clear direction on what my priorities were or how to get things done."

In addition, Michael learned that he was wasting time on practicing voice-over jobs by practicing the wrong way. Instead of practicing the same script over and over again, he learned to get feedback from another member of his group sooner. That kept his voice-over work fresh, and he now has more time and energy to put into other areas of his business.

Michael also recommends the Guru Sessions to anyone who hasn't "captured the entire voice-over market," as he feels everyone could learn a thing or two from this program. He adds, "Heather might not have the answer, but she will find out and promptly contact you. There are very few people I know personally or professionally who are as diligent and sincere!"

Thanks, Michael, and we wish you more success in the weeks to come!


  1. Michael just emailed me this:

    "Thank you for featuring my experience about the Guru Sessions in our newsletter! Last Thursday I sent out two auditions with quotes, and that couldn't have happened without the Guru Sessions. It took 11 months to come to fruition :) Have a great week!"

  2. Thank you for your kind words Michael! I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying the program :)

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