Monday, April 26, 2010

LOST Fan Finds Voice Acting

-Ms. Wendy
Co-Host of "The LOST Revisited Now" podcast and host of "It's About Bunnies" LOST blog

Who would think that watching a television show would lead to a new career in voice-over work?

Back in 2004, certainly not me. But a show about a plane crash on a mysterious island with its surviving passengers equally as puzzling changed all that. With its movie quality cinematography and soundtrack, and its high caliber acting and storytelling, LOST wasn't asking for the audience's attention... it was demanding it.

For me, LOST wasn't just passive entertainment. While it touched on subjects like physical science, world religions, classic literature, famous historical figures, etc. -- it was more like going back to school. I was completely hooked, and during the summer hiatus of Seasons 1 and 2, in 2005, I went searching online for anything LOST-related.

One day while looking up something about a completely different subject, I found out about podcasts (i.e., internet talk radio). I figured there had to be at least one podcast on LOST. During my search, I stumbled upon "The LOST Podcasting Network," hosted by Ryan and Jen Ozawa of "The Transmission LOST" podcast. At the time, there were a handful of LOST podcasts that were just starting out, and I became a faithful listener to just about all of them.

Cut to 2006, the start of Season 3 of LOST was about to begin and I felt like I wanted to give hosting a LOST podcast a shot. I asked another LOST podcaster (Cliff Ravenscraft of GSPN's "Weekly LOST" podcast) how I would do this. With his help, I recorded 3 episodes -- none of which ever saw the light of day. Just as I was ready to post it, I got laryngitis twice and broke my ribs, which put me out of commission for 2 months. There went podcasting, or so I thought.

After I recovered, with the help of my husband Scott, I reopened the blog he set up to house the podcast and started writing. This was about midway through Season 4 (spring 2008). During this time, I corresponded with some LOST podcasters, including one who was a VO talent, Wayne Henderson. Not only did he produce a podcast about LOST, Wayne also does another podcast called "The Voice Over Journey Podcast with Wayne Henderson."

Wayne was the first person I personally knew who was a voice talent. It was through him that I found out that voice-overs is actually a possible career. I found voice-over to be very interesting, but thought it was only for people with deep, super cool voices like Wayne's.

During the LOST Season 4/5 hiatus that summer/fall, a new bunch of LOST podcasts came out. One of them was called "The LOST Revisited," which aired with a single host when another co-host dropped out. Heath, the host, was considering stopping the show all together. I decided to send him an email to encourage him to continue and that I really enjoyed his podcast. On the email I sent him was my LOST blog address. Heath then sent me a note back, saying he really liked my LOST blog ("It's About Bunnies") and asked if he could interview me.

We did the interview about a month later. We were total strangers from two different coasts, but we hit it off almost immediately. Halfway through the interview, Heath asked me if I would be his co-host. We have been working together since January, 2009.

The more I podcasted over the past year, the more I more listeners and fellow podcasters told me that I should get into voice acting. I did my investigating and even sat in on free teleconferences about voice-overs. It became clear to me that entering the voice-over industry
was a natural progression for me.

I was, and still am, pretty clueless about the industry! A while back, I decided to bite the bullet and go to a local studio for an evaluation. And it just felt "right." After that, I signed up for training, and I have since then taken classes on voice-over technique, home studio set-up, business, and marketing -- and I'm loving it!

Like LOST, voice-over is becoming a little bit less mysterious, but no less exciting. Hmm... maybe John Locke was right about that whole "destiny" thing?

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  1. Very inspirational. You're a great testimony of letting your passions create your path. Look forward to hearing more about your venture.