Monday, April 5, 2010

Congratulations to the Talent of the Month: K. Farrar!

K. Farrar joined the Such A Voice's Master Program in February 2009, after her state job was dissolved during the recession. Looking to get into a more creative career, she thought she would love working in voice-overs because, as she says, "I announce everything... It's natural for me!"

In the short year that has passed since graduating the program, K. Ferrar has successfully marketed herself in several different genres of voice-over work. Without a doubt, one reason that makes K. the go-to woman for voice-overs in her area is because she has mastered Pro Tools so well. Because she is able to professionally record, edit, master, and add creative effects with precision, K. can focus more of her attention on nailing voice-over techniques for the range of projects that she works on.

K. Ferrar owns her own studio, which she mainly uses for her band, Bloodline Music Group. Her other projects include voice-overs for commercials and creative, short promos for up-coming events. She lends her voice to advertise concerts, celebrations, artists, and books for the radio station she works at. Not only does K. do professional singing, audio recording, producing, voice-over narration and commercial voice-over jobs, but she also writes her own copy for clients at the radio station she works at, WAUQ in Richmond, Virginia.

K. loves the flexibility and creativity of each voice-over job. When asked what area she spends the most time on, she says her niche is commercials for radio and creative promotions, which are her "bread and butter" right now. K. has also proven herself as a whiz in marketing, and she gets most of her voice-over jobs now from word of mouth, repeat customers, or from Facebook. Her advice to new voice-over artists? "Offer free work to build your portfolio in various genres, and then clients will want to pay you for more work!"

Keep up the good work, K!

You can connect with K. Farrar at:

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