Monday, March 29, 2010

Insights from the Mentor Program with Amanda Novak

"Heather Costa is an amazing mentor ... I felt that our styles and interpretations of copy meshed very well, and when I decided to join the Mentor Program there was only one person for me -- Heather Costa."
-- Amanda Novak

Like most students, Amanda Novak found out about the Mentor Program from Such A Voice emails and our website. She decided to join the Mentor Program with Such A Voice Producer & Coach Heather Costa because she was struggling to get voice-over jobs. Amanda felt like she was doing everything possible, like frequently submitting auditions, but she wasn't getting much of a response. She came to the Mentor Program hoping to get some extra guidance and to get the extra boost that her voice-over career needed to get started.

Before Amanda and Heather started working together, Amanda was optimistic that Heather could suggest a couple simple solutions to make the voice-over work flood her in-box. After they got started, she realized that wasn't entirely realistic -- in fact, she was surprised by how much work she had to put into her voice-over work to get things started! Very quickly she realized that she hadn't been doing "everything" to get going as a professional voice-over artist. Heather worked with Amanda on improving her marketing strategy, her vocal technique, and recording and editing demos. Of their time together Amanda says, "All of this has helped to increase my business, and it's been invaluable to my career!"
Amanda appreciated how each mentoring session was catered to meet her needs. Some weeks they worked only on marketing, while other sessions they practiced reading, recording and editing scripts. Working with Heather helped fine-tune her ear, and she is now able to make better edits to her files in Pro Tools.

Recently, Amanda has worked on voice-overs for website animations, phone messages, and introductions to corporate videos. She just finished a project for FertiBella, and she's excited to continue doing commercials, narrations, videos, and web animations. Her goal for 2010 is to continue her marketing plan and eventually get into audio book and video game voice-overs.

Great work, Amanda!

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