Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Insights from the Mentor Program: Dennis Gimmel

Dennis Gimmel joined the Mentor Program before he completed the Masters Program because he felt like it was the "logical thing to do". Being completely new to voice-over work, he figured he would probably need the extra support and one-on-one guidance. Dennis thought the Mentor Program would bring a slew of challenges and pressures, so made sure that he was the source of his own motivation throughout the program. Although his mentor, Brian Thon, didn't have to "crack the whip" much, he was grateful to feel that Brian would have nudged him if he started to slack off.

Dennis realized that the Masters Program and the Mentor Program prepared him well for the voice-over industry when his first client's response to the voice-over job he did was, "Wow!" His next voice-over job was for a tire ad in Ocala, Florida, and Brian gave him some good pointers on how to squeeze a lot of text into 52 seconds. His next challenge was using Source Connect from his home studio, which allows him to read from home and be directed from Florida. With Brian's suggestions, he was able to set it up, work for about ten minutes, and make another client happy!

During his experiences with Such A Voice, Dennis says, "I found that my strength is that of a 'warm, front-porch storyteller'. Just knowing who I am as a voice talent has to help in my future efforts."

Dennis adds, "During my mentoring session, one of my clients wanted me to provide music on one of my reads. Brian Thon, my mentor, was able to direct me to reliable sights to sample and obtain music. He also gave me advice concerning what that would mean as far as billing the customer. At about this same time, potential clients were asking me about ISDN capabilities and similar questions. Brian was able to give me a better understanding concerning this technology, plus advise on how to deal with such concerns."

Dennis Gimmel is the perfect example of how someone who is motivated to excel in the voice-over industry can make the most of the Mentor Program to get all questions answered -- no matter how basic or complex. To check out Dennis Gimmel's website, go to:

For more information on the Mentor Program, visit:

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