Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Congratulations to the Talent of the Month: Natalie Donegan

"With my genuine British accent, I am very lucky to sound different than anyone else I come across living in Tennessee!"

Natalie Donegan has done an amazing job of marketing herself in her local area by capitalizing on her unique voice; in this case, it's her British accent! Since training with Such A Voice, Natalie has worked with MotionFoundry, Inc. doing a voicemail and web commercial. She has also done several telephony recordings for other clients both locally and abroad. Natalie says, "I love the flexibility, the variation in projections I work on, and the fact that I am my own boss!"

Natalie decided to pursue voiceovers because she has always had an interest in the arts, and she studied Drama and Theatre Studies in Cambridge, England. She was always drawn to the off-camera voice-over jobs, but she accepted a desk job as a Sales Manager at a daily newspaper and found that she was unable to dedicate the time to following her dreams. Now, as a stay-at-home mom, she has the time and luxury of pursuing her voice-over dreams, and she admits, "It's nice that now I'm not required to immediately get regular paychecks for my work." She adds, "But so far it's working!"

Natalie dedicates 3-4 hours a day to her voice-over work, and sometimes she works into the evenings. As a member of, she is able to audition everyday. She also makes sure to dedicate time to corresponding with clients and recording tracks that she has been hired for. Networking also seems to come naturally to this transplant, Natalie says, "I really enjoy the marketing side of my business and the constant contact with potential clients, too."

In fact she has a business plan that she sticks to, which includes a goal of new contacts to make on a weekly and monthly basis. She constantly works on her web presence, making sure her portfolios are complete on her social media sites, such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter. She also makes sure to update her email contacts every so often to let them know of new projects that she has been involved with.

She shares with us her most recent success story: I took the advice on the Such A Voice marketing CD and recently offered my first free service to a new client, and it has worked out really well! I did a 30-second free web commercial for a company called MotionFoundry, Inc, who added my voice to a video for one of their clients. From this free track, the client has then hired me to record the telephone systems for their office. Then, they called me back again and said they had selected me as one of 16 voice talents to join a new project they have recently launched called Spot24. Spot24 is a new idea in which a client can upload camera, camcorder media and/or stock images, choose a theme music, pick a pro voice-over talent from their pool of artists (of which I am one), tell MotionFoundry what they want to say and MotionFoundry puts it all together. The TV/Web spots are completed and delivered back to the client in 24-48 hours.

Her advice to new grads? Natalie says, "MAKE SURE YOU GO THROUGH THE WHOLE TRAINING PACKAGE SENT FROM SUCH A VOICE! It took me quite a lot of time, but it taught me so many useful things -- especially when it came to marketing myself."

Great job, Natalie, and we look forward to hearing more of you in the near future!


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