Thursday, February 4, 2010

Talent of the Month: Tom Sheffield

Congratulations to the Talent of the Month for February: Tom Sheffield

"After completing the Masters Program at Such A Voice, as well as the fantastic support of everyone there, it became really easy to get moving on this adventure!"
-Tom Sheffield, Such A Voice graduate

Like many voice-over artists, Tom Sheffield decided to pursue voice-over work because friends and colleagues suggested that he could "sell [his] voice". After completing the Masters Program with Such A Voice, Tom found it easy to move on to local sports announcing, local radio and Public Television gigs, commercials, and even some audio books for local authors. He additionally found voice-over jobs for web-based applications for corporations and non-profits. His recent success came just a few days ago when he snagged a local radio talk show, which will air Mondays through Fridays, 6pm - 8pm on 1060AM, and can be heard all the way from Castle Rock, Colorado, to Laramie, Wyoming!
One of the biggest challenges for Tom was that even though he had always been comfortable as a public speaker, working with groups in the hundreds, and being on TV, he became unexpectedly nervous in the recording studio. Like many who get behind the mic to record a demo, he started fearing that he would be a failure before he even gave himself a chance! Fortunately for Tom, the recording engineers and producers were encouraging, and Tom felt comfortable when he left the recording studio. Home recording for Tom since then has been easy!
It has only been one year since Tom completed his voice-over training with us here in Vermont, and already his life has "exploded" with opportunities! According to Tom, "Networking with people and references has opened so many doors now ... the coaching, practicing and persistence has finally paid off!"
But it didn't come easy. A typical day for Tom starts by looking at incoming audition opportunities and seeing if there is either a personal interest in the subject matter or opportunity. He dedicates time every day to network with people interested in voice-over work and to expand his local presence. Evenings are usually reserved for recording and editing.
The best thing about being a voice-over artist? "Being a voice-over artist allows me the freedom and ability to be very flexible, and I have the privilege to do a variety of things," Tom says. "Also not having to be tied down to an office!"
Tom's advises budding voice-over artists not to get discouraged, to keep a "thick skin," and to learn from voice-over auditions. He also says, "Practice, practice, practice, and don't be afraid to take chances!" For all of the practicing and networking he does, Tom also realizes the importance of marketing. He says, "Make a plan, review it with your coach, execute, and modify. Don't try to be the answer to everyone's needs. Break it up into manageable goals. ... And most of all, LEARN!"
Furthermore, to recommends to reach out to your connections in your local area. Realize that there are a lot of people out there who would love to "be in your corner" and help you become a success! If you can find a mentor you feel comfortable working with, then you have struck gold, and your dedication will pay off in dividends.

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