Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet Jody Petersen!

Name and title: Voice-Over Coach and Producer

Where are you from? Born New York, raised in Kentucky until the age of 10, then fell of the turnip truck in Jericho Vermont.

Job responsibilities: I produce Demos, write scripts, coach, record and teach students in the Master Class. I also vacuum the studio and put the toilet seat down a few hundred times a day.

Favorite food: My favorite food? Fresh greens, fresh greens and more fresh greens!

Hobbies: My hobbies are listening to music, playing cello, long distance road biking, snow shoeing, hiking, wilderness camping, sewing, cooking, reading, independent films, drinking, renovating, restoring, decorating, entertaining, herb crafting and gardening.

Destination vacation: Cooper Island in the Caribbean or New Zealand

What are you listening to right now? The Avett Brothers, K.T Tunstall, Toni Caitlin (!) and an incredible compilation Aaron (my buddy in Post) put together- It features everything from Jazz, African and Americana to Pop, Alternative and Esoterica. I love variety and this compilation really delivers.

One piece of advice for aspiring talent: Believe in your power to do anything you have your heart set on. Dream it. Believe it. Receive it!


  1. Glad you dig the mix! Hey, we don't leave the seat up that much!

  2. Hey Jody, nice to see a face,behind the voice, i know that is not supposed to be the way we think, but I am happy to see your face ,for one,
    regards Angela Farruggia[suchavoice,masterclass student]