Friday, February 5, 2010

Insights from the Mentor Program

"I wanted to make sure that my ideas and goals were on-track and not overly ambitious -- and also to make sure i was being ambitious enough!"

--Mary Catherine Joes, from the Mentor Program with Brian Thon

Mary Catherine heard about the Mentor Program opportunity in the Masters Program, and again in blog posts and the newsletters, but it took her a few months before she decided to join the Mentor Program with Brian Thon. Knowing that she would work best if she had someone she could check in with, she also wanted to make sure that she wasn't making the mistake of reaching too far or selling herself too short! Jones and Such A Voice Producer and Coach Brian Thon had worked together during the Masters Program, and she felt sure that she would enjoy learning more from him.
"The program has been almost exactly what I expected -- only better!" says Jones. In the beginning, she was concerned that she would run out of questions or that Brian would ask her to do something that she wasn't ready for. On the contrary, she says, "The sessions are jam-packed with exactly the information I need at the time that I need it." By keeping a list of topics they discuss from month to month, it makes it easier for Mary Catherine to chart her progress and see concrete results.
"The best part is, I don't ever feel that my questions are too elementary. Brian reminds me that even he was new to the voice-over industry once upon a time."
Mary Catherine really values Brian's energy and enthusiasm as well. She recently hit a wall with a potential client who looked like he was going to move on to another voiceover talent. She mentioned what was going on to Brian, who immediately suggested that she record another version of the audition, even though the prospective client hadn't asked for it. She sent along two more versions and ended up landing her first gig of 2010!
Mary Catherine's new year's resolution (or business plan) with Brian is to tackle her local market in the Burlington, Vermont area. She plans to network with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as offer her services for producing audio-tours for some of the city's many local art museums. When asked how she plans on snagging those voice-over jobs, she said, "That is between me and my mentor! Ha ha!"
Keep up the great work, Mary Catherine, and we look forward to hearing more of your voice around Burlington this year! For more information on the Mentor Program, go to

By: Catherine Marshall

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