Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Mel Allen!

Name and Title: Mel Allen, Voice Evaluations and Coaching

Where You're From: The Green Mountain State of Vermont!

Job Responsibilities: Evaluating voices, offering insight into the industry while offering answers to many of the basic questions posed by those looking to get into the industry. Most importantly, I help students and talent reach their goals in the world of voice-overs!

Favorite Food: Tiramisu is a food that always goes down so well, but honestly any dessert or chocolate will do! If you mean the stuff I eat before dessert, I've always been a big fan of lasagna, sushi, and anything that has 'sandwich' in its name.

Hobbies: I love to see music performed live, since I have little realized musical talent myself. I'm into the outdoors and being active - I hike, occasionally run, go on short distance touring trips on my motorcycle 'Elwood.' I also love snowboarding (but can ski too) and the best of all - spending time with my kids and our dog Jake!

Destination Vacation: St. John, USVI. Best place ever (besides Vermont)!

What are you listening to right now
: Cake, "Stick-shifts and Safety Belts"

One piece of advice for aspiring voice over talent
: Play to your strengths! Don't try to be everything to everyone, especially when starting out. Retain your individuality and unique sound. If you sound just like everyone else, then there's no reason for someone to hire you. Last but not least, if there's something you know and enjoy - medical terminology, computers, or technical knowledge about anything - then go after companies who can use your knowledge in keeping them on track with their voice-overs!

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