Friday, March 13, 2009

A New Career in Less Than A Year

Voice-Over Workshop Teaches Tools You Need To Succeed

Burlington, Vermont –Acclaimed voice-over training company, Such A Voice, celebrates 20 years of teaching the art of voice-overs in over 170 locations, in 30 states and 2 countries. Their introductory course, aptly named, “You’re On the Air…How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs,” prepares individuals with no previous voice-over experience to carve out careers in the voice-over industry. By incorporating industry experience with talent-scout know-how, the class is designed to equip its students with everything they need to build fun, lucrative careers within just a few short months.

Voice-overs are defined as any recorded voice unaccompanied by an image of a speaker, including voices heard narrating commercials, announcing public service messages, informing callers of their options inside voicemail systems or reading a podcast. Because of the variety of voice types in demand, many different voices can find their niche in the industry. Such A Voice’s coaches, all working voice-over professionals, are trained to recognize unique qualities in individual voices. During the course, they teach students not only how to showcase these vocal characteristics when recording, but also how to market themselves effectively. Each course includes a mock demo session in which students read scripts into a microphone and hear the results of their very first “spots,” played back. The coaches then provide a voice evaluation for each student, detailing individual strengths, weaknesses, and potential for success.

The course also covers some unique marketing strategies that pertain to new voice talent. It instructs students on how to promote their best vocal traits while detailing the tools they will need to market themselves in the industry. The nature of the business allows for flexible hours; many voice-over professionals work from home or around other full-time or part-time jobs. Its adaptability to self-scheduling makes a voice-over career an ideal choice for those balancing work and family commitments.

Through Such A Voice’s beginner course, breaking into the voice-over industry is a relatively quick process. Students who take the course and actively pursue entrance into the voice-over industry typically find themselves in a new career within four to six months. For those who do not have classes offered in their area, a free online version of the course can be viewed at

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Tony Award Nominee and Clio Award-Winning Producer Dan Levine and his company, Such A Voice, offer seminars on voice-overs throughout the country. Founded in 1989, Such A Voice provides voice technique training, network-quality demo production and modern marketing strategies designed to help individuals achieve success in the voice-over industry.<

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