Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Such A Voice: Insights Into the Mentor Program

"It just made sense for me to join the Mentor Program so that I could be diligent and plow ahead on what I do know, but then I could stop and ask the pro for advice along the way."
-- Dennis Gimmel, Mentor Program student of Brian Thon
When Dennis Gimmel completed the Masters Program back at the end of May with Brian Thon and Dan Levine, he graduated feeling very encouraged that he was on the right path and relieved that he had joined a voiceover training program that gave him a "first class demo." Even before he hit the market for auditions and gigs, he signed up with Brian Thon in the Mentor Program because he recognized how crucial it was to develop a business the right way in an industry as competitive as the voiceover industry.

"As time went on, it was such a valuable thing," Gimmel says. Taking the branding and marketing homework he got in the Masters Program, he quickly developed his own brand and webpage, which he felt immediately gave him credibility in the clients' eyes. He followed the advice he received in the Masters Program, such as contacting agencies and asking for who would be the right person to send demos to, following up with emails the next week, and contacting businesses he hadn't heard from in a couple of months.

The voice over jobs started trickling in, and Gimmel was happy to be able to provide clients with what they were looking for. This isn't to say that he didn't have any bumps along the way. Gimmel admits he has never been business savvy, which is where Brian Thon came in. Dennis and Brian met for one hour once a month to touch bases on how Dennis' marketing strategy was coming along.

"I wasn't nervous when a client asked me a question about music or another technique that I didn't know the answer to," Gimmel says. "In the back of my head I knew that I could just ask Brian later on."

For Dennis, the continued support from Brian was invaluable to establish himself as a professional voice over artist. With Brian's help, he could sound like he had more experience than he actually had, which always helps in business.

Dennis highly recommends the Mentor Program to those just getting started in the industry. He says, "If you're serious enough to join the Masters Program, then you're serious about pursuing voiceovers. It's just common sense to take that extra step to get continued support and guidance until you're seasoned enough to be able to answer your own questions."

To find out more about joining the Mentor Program, send an email to: info@suchavoice.com

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