Thursday, December 17, 2009

How To Stay Motivated This Holiday Season

As the sun sets earlier in the day, and rises even later, you body demands unreasonable amounts of sleep and more quality time with your couch and television. The cold shuts us inside our homes, making us content to sample boxes of cookies and down endless mugs of hot cocoa and tea. We deal with the expected holiday stresses: battling the hoards of shoppers at the mall, attending numerous holiday parties, and making delicious recipes that we actually only pull out this time of year. Our other goals and ambitions tend to fall by the wayside so that we can do ... nothing. On the one hand, winter offers you vacation and snow days, which is the perfect excuse to seclude yourself and re-watch all of the Harry Potter movies. On the other hand, it could present you with the perfect opportunity and motivation (you have been lacking since Thanksgiving!) to get your budding voiceover career to blossom during these winter months!

Take these tips below, and continue to find creative ways to weave your voice over work into the holiday season:

1. Involve your friends and family. Just because the kids are home from school and your house is crowded with guests, it does not mean that you won't be able to get some quiet time for your voiceovers. This is the perfect opportunity to show your friends and family what you have been up to with all of your voice over training and fancy equipment! Teach them how the set-up works, and put the producer's hat on for a while. Get a laugh or two out of recording their sample voiceovers and playing them back. Chances are they will support your hard work even more now that they see how difficult it is. Later, they will understand when you say you need to go to "work," and just walk down to the basement!

2. Voiceovers: the gift that keeps on giving. Come up with creative gifts to get you back in your home recording studio! Instead of typing and printing holiday newsletters or cards for your family and friends, mix it up this year by sending a narrated holiday greeting! Personalize it even more by getting the whole family involved, and I guarantee no one will notice that it didn't even cost a dime. Have children? Take the opportunity to record some holiday favorites, including T'was the Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Christmas Carol.

And if time management is an issue...

3. Set your goal, and work backwards. Actually, this is great advice any time of year. For example, if you want to bake cookies, wrap gifts, and be in bed by 10:00pm, calculate the time it takes to wrap presents and bake cookies, and subtract that time from 10:00pm. For example, it will take an hour to wrap presents, so make sure that you start at 9:00pm so that you can still be in bed at 10:00pm. The cookies will probably take about 45 minutes, so make sure to start those at 8:15pm, unless they can be in the oven while you wrap presents. You finished dinner at 6:30pm, so you now have almost 2 hours to dedicate to working on your webpage or auditioning for a voice over job. Use this time management strategy daily to balance your holiday time, reduce stress, and stay well-rested.

Stay committed to your success in the voiceover industry by making voiceovers part of your daily life as much as possible. Renew your affirmation in the new year by telling your friends and families your goal. Saying it out loud will help motivate you to stay on track to reach your goals!

-By: Catherine Marshall

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