Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Talent of the Month of November: Nino Fincher

"I got my first voiceover gig two weeks after I got my demo, and I thought 'this is easy!'"
-- Nino Fincher, Talent of the Month

Nino Fincher is one of those rare voice over talents who, for one reason or another, was landing gig after gig just weeks after her introductory voice over classes. Maybe she knows the right people, maybe she got lucky, or perhaps her background as a personal trainer helped her voiceover training. Or maybe she just has one of those voices that you hear and immediately think she was meant to be a professional voice over talent.

Whatever the case may be, I was even more impressed to learn that English is Nino's third language! Born in the post-Soviet country Georgia, Nino first learned Georgian and then Russian. She speaks English without a hint of an accent, and she has quickly proven herself as a professional voice talent in English and Russian.

She never thought of going to a voiceover agency, as she quickly landed gigs on her own. She started out in the industry the same way as many voice over talents do: by lending her voice for free. One of her first gigs was working for the Victory Ranch, which hosts soldiers going and coming from war. Nino also volunteered with a seminary that was collecting Bible recordings for people in hospitals.

When Nino landed the gig with the international fitness guru Lawrence Biscontini, she was able to meld her background as a personal trainer with her professional voice talent training. In her mind, it was the perfect combination of "Doing what I know, and loving what I do!"

If Nino has had any challenges at all, she says it's marketing and time management. In order to stay on top of things, she tries to set a goal of making 5 contacts a day -- whether they are voice over talent agencies, clients, or other voiceover talents. She says the key is to, "Make yourself known without being pushy or annoying."

What's up next for Nino? She's moving with her family to Abu Dhabi in just a few days, where she plans to learn Arabic and continue working as a professional voice talent in English, Russian, and hopefully Arabic. In addition, she would like to start auditioning for 2-person commercials so that she can get the interaction with other voiceover talents.

Great job, Nino, and keep up the good work in Abu Dhabi!


  1. Wow! Voice overs in more than one language! I'm impressed. Congratulations on your success, Nino.

  2. Thank you, Jaya.
    Appreciate you taking the time to read and for your encouragement.
    All the best to you in your VO career as well!!,

  3. Good luck, Nino! Let us know how things are once you get settled!

    Best wishes,