Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Toni Catlin

Name and Title: Toni Catlin, Scheduling Director

Where You're From: I grew up in Woodstock, Vermont, and I have lived all over the States but now reside in Burlington. I studied at both St. Lawrence University in New York and Vienna, Austria. After college I lived in Los Angeles and enrolled in the Musician's Institute where I studied voice, songwriting and guitar, and I worked in a high-end recording studio. After L.A., I lived in Colorado for a few years, where I worked for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, performed, and instructed ski. I spent the last 10 years in Nashville, TN, where I got a publishing deal, made two CDs and traveled the world with my music, opening for major acts and honing my songwriting and music skills. I also got my degree to teach English as a Second Language thinking that I may one day live overseas! Last year I moved back to my beautiful home state of Vermont (I missed New England & NYC!) I've been loving living here, working at Such A Voice, and building a following with my music in New England.

Job Description: Along with Bethany Craig, I'm responsible for keeping things running smoothly in the scheduling department. That entails acting as a liaison between the students, teachers, hotels, recording studios, and Such A Voice. I try to find schedules that suite the needs of our students and teachers and relay all pertinent scheduling information on to everyone. I also book our sessions with the recording studios and work with hotels and travel agencies to set up our Masters Program sessions.

Favorite Foods: Dark chocolate, good strong coffee, anything ethnic, wine, my mom's homemade Italian specialties, Mediterranean dishes, and the list goes on.....

Hobbies: For the last 10 years I've made my living as a professional songwriter. Singing and writing songs are my passions and so much of my spare time these days is spent continuing to pursue my music goals. I've had some of my songs cut by other artists, so I'm focusing on that these days! I'm also a passionate traveler; I've been all over the world and continue to love the adventure of discovering a new culture. I'm an avid skier and teach part-time at Beaver Creek, Colorado a few times a year. I love anything outdoorsy - hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, windsurfing, and water-skiing. I also love to bike and I work for Bike Vermont part-time leading bike tours in the summers . I'm a huge fan of film, and I love to take pictures as well.

Destination Vacation: My parents have a place in the Bahamas out on an island, so I love to go there - it's gorgeous! My family also has a resort in the Adirondack Mountains on Indian Lake, which is one of the most peaceful, beautiful places around. Spending time there is a real treat! Italy is another favorite travel spot (I have roots there). I've been all over the country and especially love Florence, Lake Como, and the Cinque Terre Region. Cadeques, Spain is another great place. Ireland - I have toured there with my music and the people are warm and wonderful! Colorado and British Columbia for skiing. Big Sur, California. NYC to get my culture fix!

What are you listening to right now:
Patty Griffin - she's amazing! Michael Buble...I love his song "Home." All of my talented Nashville singer/songwriter friends...

One piece of advice for aspiring voice over talent: I believe that if you have a passion for something it's important to explore it, and you'll find success if you stick with it. If you don't get caught up focusing on the obstacles in your way, or reasons why you shouldn't do something, and just believe in yourself, keep your eye on your goal, and persevere, then you can achieve pretty much anything!

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