Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KatWalk Top 5 Finalists!!!

Hey! Thanks for all the amazing submissions we got for the KatWalk Contest! We are still giddy with excitement over the amount of support and participation we received from you, and we spent a lot of time listening and re-listening to submissions so that we could narrow it down to the Top 5 Finalists!

I have to say that it was hard work, and we're just glad that we don't have to choose the winners!

Congratulations to the Top 5 Finalists of the KatWalk Contest:

Lucas Keppel
Rachel Heffron
Josh Keller
Marshall Blansfield
Nell Bradford

To listen to their submissions and to vote on the BEST voice-over, please click for our POLL. After reviewing all of the voice-overs, select the voice-over artist you think did the best job and has the most potential as a voice talent. Please note that you may only vote once, and we are filtering out multiple votes -- so don't try anything sneaky!!

Voting is open now until Sunday, November 15th at midnight! We will announce the Winner and Runner-Up as soon as we can on Monday morning, November 16th!

Thanks again to everyone for participating, and good luck next time on ... the KatWalk!


  1. Congrats to the Top 5 and thank you for your patience! We were blown away by the talent! Thank you all for entering and don't forget to vote!

  2. Hey Everyone! BIG congratulations to the Top 5 Finalists!

    You wouldn't believe how hard it was to narrow it down to just five of you!

    Colleen -- to make you feel better -- we had at least 1,300 submissions! NO KIDDING.

    Hey, does that mean we're more selective than Harvard? ;)

  3. Kat and Cat...

    Thanks for the opportunity and congrats to the top five! can't wait to give it a listen! Good luck!