Monday, November 30, 2009

December Talent of the Month: Heather McCormack

"I used the marketing tips I got from the Masters Program to not only launch my voiceover career, but also my acting career!" -Heather McCormack, Talent of the Month

A recent graduate of the Masters Program, Heather has already taken many of the marketing strategies she learned from us and applied them to help build her voiceover and acting careers. She first got into acting in college, where she enjoyed the creative freedom and interactions she got with other talent. Heather learned to control her voice like an instrument in her theatre classes, and she finds it easy to summon a wide range of tones, emotions and feelings with her voice -- only one of the reasons that makes Heather a great new voice talent.

After she graduated from the Masters Program with Such A Voice's Producer and Coach Brian Thon, Heather took our advice and started marketing herself in her local community and offer her talents to people she knows. She soon found her first professional voiceover artist gig recording a 230-page audiobook for a co-worker of hers!

Heather's current project couldn't be more suited for her. Having just completed her Masters Degree in Psychology, Heather jumped at the opportunity to audition both as an actor and voiceover artist for a video on couples counseling. Her familiarity with the subject area and passion for counseling makes her the perfect candidate. She plans to offer her voiceover skills to the same company for a PSA on couples counseling as well.

Of her early success, she says, "If it weren't for the things I gained from attending the Masters Program, I would not have had the resources or knowledge to find and pursue these jobs."

What Heather finds most challenging about getting started is figuring out a schedule and sticking to it! While she practices her voiceover technique everyday while multitasking work and taking care of her 6-year-old child, it's hard for her to set aside blocks of time to dedicate to researching and making new contacts. "I don't feel like I'm getting anything done unless I have a good 2 or 3 hours to dedicate to networking," she says. "I'm trying to tell myself that 30 minutes' worth of work can still be significant."

When she does find the time, Heather is making connections with people who want to meld creative pursuits with voiceover acting. Unlike traditional voiceover work, Heather wants to work with people who will give her creative license to work with the material. She likes working with because they record audiobooks in the style of old time radio shows, with each character read by a separate actor. Down the road, Heather would also like to get into character voices and narrations.

Her advice for new voiceover artists? "TENACITY! -- don't let anyone get you down," Heather says. "If you approach everything with confidence and a friendly attitude, you'll go farther than on raw talent alone." And finally, "Don't give up!"

Great job, Heather! Keep it up, and we look forward to hearing more of you!

-By: Catherine Marshall

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