Friday, October 2, 2009

Talent of the Month - October: Jeff Hering

"I figured that if I'm going to do this, I'd better do this right." - Jeff Hering, Soon-To-Be Voice Over Actor/Artist

I often receive inspiring applications for the Talent of the Month contest from graduates of our programs, but it's rare that I receive one from a student-in-progress who is already following the right steps to become a success in the industry -- even before he has completed the Master's Program. Jeff Hering impressed me by his "go-get-em" attitude, his passion, and his pragmatic approach.

Jeff graduated from Madonna University with a BA in Social Sciences at a time when his industry, the auto supplier industry, was in the process of tanking. He, like thousands of others, lost his job. Instead of viewing this as one of life's misfortunes, Jeff saw it as an opportunity to pursue something he has long been interested in -- the voice-over industry!

Jeff has one of those voices. You know, the type you hear and immediately know that he was meant for radio or public audiences. Hering says, "Honestly though, after you've gotten complimented on your voice so many times, you either take it as a sign to do it, or you ignore it and continue in a career that you either don't like or do just to pay the bills. That's not for me." When Jeff saw that Heather Costa was teaching a class at his alma mater, he jumped on the chance to get his feet wet.

He has been working closely with Heather the past few weeks, and he looks forward to attending her up-coming Master's Program. He sets aside time to practice every day, with a consistency and determination he sees as being key to becoming a success in any field. In addition, he has already set up his home recording studio, and he is learning to use the technology -- all in preparation to hit the ground running once he has completed his demo CD. But that doesn't mean he isn't already marketing himself...

"I have already begun to seek out potential clients by simply telling them what I will be doing -- friends who have small businesses, etc. In this world, you have to make things happen for yourself. Nobody is going to ring the doorbell and hand you a job to compete with a huge paycheck. You have to do the legwork. And that's where the networking starts."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

After he gradates from the Master's Program, Jeff plans to develop his resume by offering his services for free to any and all new-comers. "Commercials, narrations, radio, TV, whatever the case, whatever the job -- I will be looking to make my mark quickly and responsibly ... I'm ready for any challenge!"

Advice to fellow newbies? "Prepare and stay motivated! Write out what you want to accomplish, set a few realistic goals aside, and see them through to fruition." What about if he can't find work for a while? "You always have to be ready for a few knocks, but that should just make you want to work harder and build your motivation!"

Congratulations, Jeff Hering! We can't wait to hear about your successes -- or listen to them on the radio!

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