Monday, October 26, 2009

SAV Producer Scores iPhone App Spot

Rob Sciglimpaglia, a voice-over artist, teacher for Such A Voice, a lawyer and an actor, can now be heard on the new iPhone app commercial that is airing on the NBC website. He also voiced the promos for the app that are currently airing on 11 NBC affiliates across the US. Sciglimpaglia, whose mind is already onto other projects, says a producer for NBC contacted him to record the spot after hearing his demo on Using Pro Tools and Skype, he was able to give the client what they were looking for in merely 20 minutes.

Sciglimpaglia got his start in voice-overs while he was still practicing law full time in 2005 by attending the Masters Program with Such A Voice. Prepared to enter the industry doing small gigs here and there, he was pleasantly surprised when he landed his first gig -- with PBS. It took him a few months to get steady work in voice-overs until he realized that there was a vast new world in on-camera acting jobs as well, which often require the same techniques he works on for voice-overs. His training and skills transferred naturally to acting , and he landed his first on-camera role in the 2007 film with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, Music and Lyrics.

It hasn't all been iPhone commercials and feature films, Sciglimpaglia admits. "This is an industry of rejection." For every 100 voice-over auditions he submits, either live or online, he knows that he may get 10 roles. He doesn't mind the legwork, however, and some of his favorite gigs to audition for are independent and student films that he might not even be paid for.

Ostensibly, Sciglimpaglia has been extraordinarily lucky, but he doesn't see it that way. He attributes his successes to his hard work and disciplined approach to practicing, auditioning, and networking. Rob reminds his students all the time, "The longer you hang in there, the more successful you'll be." Most students, he says, don't understand they have to practice their techniques. If you are prepared by staying on top of your voice when a client contacts you, then you will have a better chance of landing that dream gig when it comes knocking. After that? Rob says, "This business is like bananas: it comes in bunches."

Rob is excited to continue working with NBC, and he has other projects in the making. In addition to practicing law, Sciglimpaglia will be playing the role of Coach John in an off-Broadway production called "Broken Foot Prints," which is slated to run in the winter 2010; teaching voice-overs with Such A Voice; and, he will be appearing as Al Capone on the History Channel's new series MysteryQuest. You can check out the new iPhone app commercial HERE.

-By: Catherine Marshall


  1. Robert, Hey! I'm so glad to hear that NBC found you on to voice the iPhone app commercial for NBC. That's just the sort of thing I like to hear!

    Mark Davidson
    Managing Director

  2. And thanks, Terry, for the entry about Robert. Cheers, Mark

  3. Wow! What an inspirational story! Congrats Robert!