Monday, August 31, 2009

Talent of the Month - September: Nicole Borocci

“Networking is really the biggest key to success in the voice-over industry. Once you get a job, keep in touch with your clients – they’ll keep giving you work in return.” --Nicole Borocci

Perhaps one of Nicole Borocci’s greatest secrets to success is actually advice you’ve heard over and over again: network, network, network! As a part-time voice-over artist, Nicole dedicates much of her free time to checking emails, corresponding with clients, and auditioning for new jobs. She wakes up two hours earlier every day, and does the same thing after returning from an eight-hour day of work. “Voice-over is not just a way to make extra cash,” Nicole explains, “It’s definitely a passion.”

Nicole decided to get into voice-overs because she had always been interested in commercials and promotions. She often found herself mimicking voice-over actors and thought it would be a fun and challenging job to pursue. Before her love for storytelling took her to commercial voice-overs, she went to TV news, where she works fulltime today. Although she loves her job, she says, “I wanted a more creative outlet where I could tap into my natural enthusiasm and optimism. Commercial voice-over seemed to be a perfect fit.”

After doing some internet research, she decided to take the Master Class with Such A Voice because she realized the company was “honest, friendly and truly wanted to help inspire people to follow their voice-over dreams – not just take their money!” Once she completed the course and got her demo CD, she didn't waste any time and immediately dove into the job search.

Using the one-month subscription to that Such A Voice gave her after completing the MasterClass, she landed enough jobs to pay for an additional 1-year subscription. How does she seem to know which jobs to audition for? She quickly noticed that she is most often hired for jobs that target teens, young adults and young mothers, so she saves time by narrowing down her search to those types of copy. Every morning she selects one script from each and and gives them her best shot.

Her dedication and disciplined approach has already paid off. It's clear that the world of commercial voice-over seems to think she is a perfect fit as well – in less than one year, Nicole has landed jobs time and time again for TV and radio commercials, animation voice-overs, voicemail messages, not to mention her long-standing relationship with Southwest Career College in El Paso. Her coolest job so far? Recording a promo for the Jonas Brothers’ CD in Canada.

Her advice to newcomers on the scene: "Talk to veterans!" Nicole does that by attending voice-over related events in her area, learning about networking websites, getting her name out there and sharing her demo.

Having already set up her business and tax accounts, her next step is to keep growing! By this time next year, Nicole would like to expand her market, and she's already thinking about getting an agent. This goes to show that hard work and initiative certainly pays off in the voice-over industry! Good job, Nicole!

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