Monday, August 31, 2009

Insights into the Mentor Program

"Dream big and keep having fun! That's what I am planning on doing"
--Jeanine Blatter, Client of Such A Voice's Mentor Program

When Jeanine finished the MasterClass Program, she was full of energy to begin working in voice-overs. In order to make the most of each audition, she decided to check out the Mentor Program with one of our voice-over teachers, Heather Costa.

Jeanine realized that although she got a lot out of the group setting -- how to breathe, reading ahead, practice, practice, practice, and hearing others describe how they work on their technique, what she really needed was some continued one-on-one guidance. Jeanine couldn't imagine a better setting to learn the ins and outs of the business than to have her own personal coach who could enlighten and support her in all dimensions. She signed up for the Mentor Program with Heather not quite knowing what to expect.

In order to best help Jeanine, Heather worked with her on a separate topic in each session. "All of the sessions have been good," Jeanine says, adding, "--each in a different way." By her third one-on-one mentor session, she felt so comfortable that she could ask her anything related to voice-overs; such as, setting up her studio, choosing a business name, learning the technical jargon, and even how to use the recording and editing technology. Heather brought insight, encouragement and positive feedback that Jeanine says gave her an adrenaline rush.

"It felt like the feeling you get after a great roller coaster ride. I got that "wow" feeling!" Jeanine says that Heather has been the catalyst that has awakened her passion to do something new and exciting in her life. Heather radiates enthusiasm for her craft as well as providing critical feedback in a highly motivating way.

Heather worked with Jeanine and gave her some key tips to determine what the client was looking for with each voice-over copy. Not only did Jeanine work on being more conversational and natural, but she put together a fool-proof check list of questions that would help her personalize and finesse each audition. Heather also shared some insider tricks that would serve as reminders as she was actually recording her audition. Jeanine says, "This has most definitely helped me improve, get a clearer picture and given me more confidence in my reads."

In between sessions, Jeanine worked on her "homework" and saw vast improvements after every session -- progress in the quality of her auditions, as well as cutting down on the amount of time that she had to spend on each copy. Of her whole experience, Jeanine claims, "There is NO WAY I could feel as confident and prepared to go out into the world of voice-overs without it... It's worth every penny I spent."

The Mentor Program continues to give Jeanine the encouragement and support she needs to feel like a professional in the voice-over industry. Thanks to Heather's honest and straight-forward answers, she motivates and instills confidence. Jeanine says, "This is the firs time that I really felt like 'I can do this!'" The Mentor Program could be the perfect opportunity for you to boost your career by helping you realize your potential.

To find out more about this program and how it can help you advance your voice-over career, please go HERE.

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