Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Producer Interview: Heather Costa

Heather Costa attended Dan Levine’s voice-over MasterClass in July 2004 and has quickly developed a highly successful voice-over career for herself.

Today, just over two years after studying with us, Heather finds herself with a massive client list of 250+. Her website speaks to her professionalism and her organized approach toward the entrepreneurial field of voice-overs. She has set herself up to cover every angle of voice-over work that she can.

After watching Heather’s success story, we asked her to join our team in early 2006. She has been doing a marvelous job. Her warmth and sincerity as a person and as a voice talent have helped her to succeed as an excellent teacher and producer. She is already inspiring many new voice talents to follow in her footsteps.

Name and Title

Heather Costa, Voice Over Talent, Coach & Producer

Locations/Areas Covered:

How and why you got into the voice over industry
Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be the voice of Ariel in the Little Mermaid. So one day, back in 2004, my father handed me a book by Terri Apple about the voice-over industry after he had seen a flyer for the class with Dan Levine, "You're On the Air How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs." It was at that moment I realized this was something I knew I had to pursue! After attending the class, I was invited to continue on in the Such A Voice masterclass program and since then I've been working full time in the voice-over industry and loving it!

What do you enjoy in your free time
Relaxing with my family. My husband and I love to watch movies (seriously, our house looks like a Blockbuster), I also love to cook, spend time outdoors picnicking and taking walks and I also love spending endless hours entertaining our son :) I also enjoy quilting, scrap-booking and eating lots of chocolate!

Something about you that not many people know
I've always been involved in music - singing, playing the oboe, flute and piano. I even toured Europe a few times performing with choirs. However, whenever it came time to actually sing live as a solo performer, I would get very nervous. This is why I am so happy doing voice-overs - it's just me and the mic and I still get to perform! Also, the confidence I have gained from voice-overs has actually helped me with singing as well.

What is your least favorite word or sound and why
The sound of pain or sadness, especially when it's someone close to me.

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