Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet Nikki Lu Lowe!

Nikki Lowe is a creative, energetic, and warm personality. She's the kind of coach that people gravitate towards, and her infectious personality is just what you need to help get you started with voice over work.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Nikki began her voice over career in the mid 90s to compliment her focus on software training and e-learning solutions. Nikki also graduated from Such A Voice's masterclass program, and we have enjoyed watching her voice-over career blossom after having worked with her. Her clientele base has extended to a wide array of diverse companies such as PBS, Habitat for Humanity, and several international software companies.

Today, Nikki records for weekly television series, radio and television commercials, corporate presentations, independent art projects and e-learning on demand courses and tutorials.

Name and Title: Nikki Lu Lowe / Voice Talent and Producer

Locations/Areas Covered: MA, NH, VT

How and why you got into the voice over industry: My first opportunity was in college helping a friend with a radio drama. I loved the creative aspect and hearing the end result. Since that day, I was hooked.

What do you enjoy in your free time: Exploring with my son, traveling, reading, spending as much time as possible with my awesome husband, and the great outdoors.

Something about you that not many people know: Since the movie Jaws, I've been petrified of being eaten by a shark...or anything else with large teeth zipping around in the water. I refused to take a bath for fear he'd come up the drain and have a little snack (which would have been me, unfortunately).

What is your least favorite word or sound and why: My least favorite word is 'racism' for obvious reasons. My least favorite sound would have to be pots/pans banging together. It hits some note that drives me bonkers.

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