Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 3 Golden Opportunities the Voice Over Pros Know and Use to Advance Their Careers

First impressions count, particularly in the entertainment industry. In all honesty, you have 3 Golden Opportunities to show your professional expertise during a voice over session. How you act during these three time periods can be a huge determining factor in how well received you will be for this session and any following sessions.

Opportunity #1 starts by arriving at least 10 minutes before your scheduled session. This one professional courtesy gives the producer time to work with you a bit or update you on any copy changes. Use this free time to get acquainted with a new producer or client. Keep in mind that every minute behind the microphone is being paid by your client so, limit the socializing to before the recording or immediately after.

You need to have a professional business card. Presenting someone with a business card is one way of demonstrating you are serious about your voice over business. Hand out your business cards either before or after the recording session. Make sure you have all your contact information on the card. List your website address (if you have one) and any affiliations with a union or other performing organizations. Your business card could lead to your next job so; make sure to keep your card information up to date.

Opportunity #2 happens in the studio. Wear casual and comfortable clothes and shoes. Wear clothing that you are completely comfortable in. Jewelry that jingles or nylon fabrics that rustle should be removed before recording. Don’t make the producer’s job harder by wearing apparel that creates more noise for them to edit out.

Focus your complete attention on the producer. Be attentive and listen carefully to their instructions. Ask any questions before you record and keep your focus on the copy. Remember to read ahead and if you mess up, keep talking! Even seasoned professionals stumble over the copy at times, so don’t get nervous about it. The producer will stop you when needed and will direct you as to where to start over on the copy.

Also, related to reading the copy is do not point out typos or grammatical mistakes on your copy! Chances are, the producer will hear the mistake and have it corrected. There are times when the client is actually present listening to the recording and they won’t be happy hearing you finding fault with their copy. Focus your attention on your talent…creating the best professional recording their money can buy!

Opportunity #3 includes all the above: Project a confident and winning attitude. This is vitally important when meeting a new producer and possibly the client who hired you. Your smile and relaxed, confident manner will reinforce their decision that they hired the right voice over artist for the job. Remember, you aren’t just performing a voice over, you are creating a working relationship. Next to your sparkling talent, your positive attitude and professional behavior are the biggest contributing factors you can utilize to advance your voice over career.

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