Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Put Your Website to Work!

8 Simple Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Voice Over Website

Your website has a big job to do. Trying to stand out in the Voice Over crowd is a tough job! Here are 8 ways you can improve your website to showcase your voice over talents.

Put all your contact information on every page. One of the best places for this information is within your header graphic or in the left column of your pages. Many people choose to put personal information inside a graphic to prevent this information from being collected and used for spamming purposes. Encourage clients to call by making contact information obvious no matter what page they are on.

List your physical address in relation to where you are located. For example Shenandoah Valley, middle Tennessee, Rockingham County, etc. This might not seem important however, if you live in a rural area, it helps anyone looking for local talent in a web search to find you.

List all your affiliations with VO and related organizations. If you are a member of AFTRA, SAG or a regional association say so. List those theater groups, play houses, radio and television stations that you have worked with. Many potential clients are willing to try a new voice so, use your acting connections!

Post testimonials! Let your past clients and peers tell the world how great your voice is! Better yet, do some testimonial back scratching with those you admire in the VO industry. Participate in link sharing with other voice over artists and media organizations.

Limit your demo load time. Try to limit audio to 3 minutes per demo. 30 and 60 second spots are optimum. If possible, it’s best to have several shorter demos as to having one or two longer ones.

Use your Contact page as a marketing tool. Studies show that websites using an interactive contact page stimulate readers to focus on your product or service. For example: Have a rate sheet or personal bio page available for download, offer a free 15 or 30 second dry read or, offer free extended play versions of your demo on CD.

Evaluate your website on its content value alone. No graphics. No flash. Try to include 200 to 250 words of focused content about you on your website. Separate your content from any flash or graphic areas. Remember, content is the driving force behind web traffic. Visitors and Search Engines like to have something to read!

You have roughly 5 to 10 seconds to make an impression on your reader. Your website might be all about you but, it should be designed for the easy navigation of your site visitors. By applying these 8 simple strategies, your website becomes a dream to navigate and encourages producers to contact you!

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