Monday, June 29, 2009

Producer Interview: Brian Thon

As a smaller company, Such A Voice boasts in our ability to remain closely connected with our partners, stakeholders, and friends. With that in mind, we want to personally introduce you to each of our Producers and Voice Coaches.

Starting us off in this blog series is Brian Thon (pronounced “tone” ironically), an energetic father of 3 from Richmond, Vermont. You can hear Thon’s voice booming over the phone when he calls into the office and we are excited to introduce him to you!

Name: Brian Thon

Locations/Areas Covered: VT, CO, IN, KY, WI and WY

How and why you got into the voice over industry

I started working in film before college and started dabbling in V/O then, doing some radio spots and TV commercials, but went into Corporate America after college and stayed there for 25 years. Though rewarding in some ways, I decided to make a change to something more connected to my heart, creative work that had captured my imagination years before.

I established a relationship with a local FM station, on a volunteer basis and that as I gained voice and engineering skills, the relationship grew. I started producing and voicing some short form spots on the radio when my wife saw a listing for a class on voice overs called, "You're On the Air!" with Dan Levine. After taking that class, I knew that V/O was a good fit for what I was looking for: Fun, creative and commercially viable. I was invited to and took the Such A Voice Master Class and had my first professional voice over demos produced. Before I even had the finished demos in hand, got laid off from my career "day job". Instead of replacing that position, I took my demos to market and made a go for V/O. The rest is history!

What do you enjoy in your free time?
I enjoy my family,
building my own multi-media company,
playing, writing and singing music,
all forms of artistic expression
being involved with Church
social justice
the ocean
the beautiful State where I live and all that goes with it!

Something about you that not many people know
I changed the pronunciation of my last name, Thon, to its ethnically correct pronunciation (TONE) right after college, in 1986.

What is your least favorite word or sound and why
My least favorite sound is the cry of pain from one of my children. Why? Because, for one, they're in pain; secondly, the sound is emotionally wrenching - it's so visceral and unrestrained in all aspects that it's caustic to the ear.
In the context of V/O my least favorite sound is a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Because it's just....bad.

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