Monday, June 22, 2009

The Home Studio Recording Advantage: Wear Your Pajamas to Work!

The advantages of recording at home give both you and your clients a win/win business relationship. The savings in studio fees for your clients can be phenomenal. It’s no secret that clients want to work with artists who cut great tracks and also save them money. Your clients know that hiring you will meet both their quality and budgeting needs.

Here are a few examples of how your home recording studio greatly benefits you and your clients:

* You: Short commute around the corner to a spare bedroom or down the hall.
* Client: No commute! You’re just a phone call and email away!
* You: Scheduling studio time…anytime you like!
* Client: Pure heaven! Great time flexibility in scheduling! I’m getting a professional quality recording without studio fees!
* You: Working in a relaxed home environment…even in your pajamas!
* Client: This is great! I can do this project on the phone and not leave the office or disrupt my daily schedule!
* You: Location is not a problem. Work with anyone…worldwide!
* Client: What a relief! I can access my favorite V/O artist for my overseas projects!

As you can see, offering home studio recording has quite a few advantages for you and your client. One of the best reasons to offer home recording is the marketing edge it gives you over your competition. Let’s face it; there are a lot of great voices in this industry. When it comes down to picking between you (V/O with home studio) and someone else (V/O only), who do you think your potential client will choose?

Now that you are aware of the benefits in having a home recording studio, you need to know what professional equipment is necessary to do a quality job:

* Computer with a modem (Mac preferably) and at least 512 MB of Ram.
* Pro Tools Recording Software. Pro Tools is the industry standard used by the majority of professional studios worldwide.
* M-box to use with Pro Tools.
* Microphone designed for professional speaking with a pop screen.
* Quality microphone cable.

You now have the basics on how home recording will increase your business and benefit your clients. The next thing you need to learn is how to set up your studio and use it!

Such A Voice is offering Pro Tools Recording Software Instruction in Burlington, VT, Boston, MA, and Long Island, NY this Fall. Course dates in the Spring are being set for Washington, DC and Chicago, IL areas. Give Ben Weir a call at 802-264-604. He can answer all your questions and let you know of special equipment discounts offered to Such A Voice students or, send Ben an email to

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