Friday, June 26, 2009

Dealing With Rejection: It Really Isn’t All About YOU!

Performing auditions is a huge part of the VO/acting industry. Learning how to deal with rejection is also a huge part in this process as well. Believe it or not, getting passed over for those parts can be great for your business! Here are a few tips to help you develop a positive spin on every audition experience.

Depending on your market, the audition process is a regular part of getting new jobs and clients. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing who gets the job. What you don’t know is if that choice will be YOU! Some VO artists take this all in stride without even an eye blink or a raise in blood pressure. These artists don’t let a rejection ruin their day.

You on the other hand, might not have such a thick skin when it comes to rejection. How do you get over this rejection hurdle? First off, not getting the gig isn’t a personal issue. You didn’t get the job because you didn’t “fit the ideal” of what the producer or client was looking for…this time.

That’s right. You didn’t fit the “type of voice” they were looking for. Your performance can be flawless and you simply will not be the voice they choose for this job. The powers that be decided another voice had the sound quality and personality they were looking for.

While not getting this job is a disappointment, you can use this audition experience to your advantage. You are getting the chance to become your own “spin doctor” in how you handle the situation. Take this audition time to cruise, schmooze and learn!

The next time you go into an audition focus your attention on building your marketing advantage. Arrive early, have extra demos with you and always keep those business cards handy! If possible, check out the other artists who are there to audition as well. Are they a different group with every cattle call or are these guys the same ones you usually have to compete with?

Many producers like to call in VO artists that they have worked with before and add a few new voices to the mix. Take notes of who the client/producer is and if possible who got the job. The more you know about your potential clients and your competition, the better your chances for winning that next audition.

Once you are in the booth, you get your chance to shine! Here are a few ways you can get noticed and remembered even if you don’t get this job!

Stay upbeat and positive, even if you mess up your lines. Staying cool under pressure is a sign of professionalism that every client appreciates. You can stumble over your lines in the booth and still shine with your winning attitude!

Along with attitude is what you say when you mess up. Profanity is a poor choice for venting your frustration and is never a delight to listen to. This can hurt you as some producers and clients don’t want to here expletives. Keep your comments G rated only! You won’t have to worry that your potty mouth just flushed your chances for that dream job.

Remember, you won’t get every job you try out for. Don’t sweat it! Use your positive attitude and studio time to build your business. You will walk out a winner and make a great impression every time!

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